16 Jul 2018


Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

Meet Jamie, ANZ’s new assistant. She will change the way you look at banking.

16 Jul 2018

Are we the robots taking our jobs?

Carl Rhodes & Sarah Kaine | Professor & Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney

A look at education and the future of labour in a democratically engaged workforce.

12 Jul 2018

Back to the future: the rise of mature age interns

Jessica Mudditt | Freelance Journalist

Australia’s workforce is aging. Are internships the answer to keep people engaged and employed?

06 Jul 2018

Why does economic progress of Australia’s women keep stalling?

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman | Founder, Financy Women’s Index

Lingering debate still exists as to whether the economic progress of women is needed at all. One expert explains why this is plainly wrong.

21 Jun 2018

Preparing for the talent crunch

Andrew Lafontaine | Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry

New data suggests the future talent deficit will impact many regions and industries. What must be done to future-proof business?

20 Jun 2018

Seeking asylum and barriers to success

Akuol Garang | Master of Human Rights law student & migration agent

Akuol’s family fled from war when she was a child, now she’s studying to become a Human Rights lawyer.

29 May 2018

Levis and a lifetime of advice

Catriona Noble | Managing Director Retail Distribution Australia, ANZ

ANZ’s Catriona Noble reflects on the mentors who have helped develop her career - and the way she is now giving back to others.

30 Apr 2018

Who’s who in the entrepreneurial zoo?

Jessica Mudditt | Freelance Journalist

Gorillas, gazelles, unicorns and cheetahs: why does discussing business growth feel like a trip to the zoo?

16 Apr 2018

Pursuing change, one step at a time

Melinda Renowden | Leadership and Executive Coaching Manager, ANZ

Changing mindsets can be difficult but a clear purpose and routine can help.

04 Apr 2018

Is it time to delete CVs and personality tests?

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

In order to win in the digital future do big businesses need to morph into software companies?

03 Apr 2018

#WAAD: autism and filling the talent gap

Matt Ormiston | Head of Technology & Corporate Optimisation & TSO, ANZ

How are businesses diversifying their workforces in order to fill the growing talent gap – and what success are they finding?

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018: Baby, baby - how workplace pregnancy has changed in NZ

Susana Lei’ataua | bluenotes contributor

ANZ’s new 26 weeks’ paid parental leave is a far cry from the experiences of women in the past.