27 Feb 2024

Sisters sowing success in agribusiness

Stephen Radeski | State Agribusiness Manager, ANZ

The passion and innovation of young people will be critical to the evolution and growth of the agriculture industry in Australia.

06 Dec 2023

Bengaluru: India's talent magnet

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ Chief Financial Officer Farhan Faruqui thinks something unique is happening as Bengaluru grows, and he thinks the bank will be an important part of that journey.

12 Jul 2023

An inspiring journey back to the workplace

Chandna Bhatnagar | Journey Expert Chapter Lead, ANZ Bengaluru

With a wealth of skills and experience, Bangalore-based Chandna Bhatnagar was shocked at the struggle to find a job after a career break. This is what she did.

20 Jun 2023

Giving talent a chance

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

We are a nation of migrants but we still struggle to recognise the benefits newcomers bring. One program is helping make things easier while enriching workplaces.

17 May 2023

Never too late to find your passion

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive - Australia Retail, ANZ

Many people don’t land their dream job until later in life – so how do you know you’re on the right path?

17 Apr 2023

Bleep of faith: why tech needs risk takers

Professor Mary-Anne Williams | Michael J Crouch Chair for Innovation, UNSW & Deputy Director, UNSW AI Institute

You may be an expert in your field but are you ready to roll the dice? Xero chair David Thodey on how to live innovation.

11 Oct 2022

Kindness fuels innovation

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

Jim Hogan, neuro-inclusion pioneer and Google Cloud’s Chief Innovation Evangelist, discusses how kindness can drive innovation in the workplace.

02 Sep 2021

Jobs program to boost digital workforce

Kathryn van der Merwe | Group Executive – Talent & Culture, ANZ

Technology has changed the way we live and work forever. Now more than ever companies need to recruit people with digital and data skills who are able to take on a changing employment landscape.

08 Oct 2020

The ever evolving shape of work

Rita Newman | Group General Manager, Joiners and Movers, ANZ

While much of the detail of the future of work remains to be discovered, fundamental organisation beliefs and leadership play a key role.

08 Mar 2019

IWD2019: resuming with a resumé gap

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

Coming back to work can be daunting but coming back into an ever-changing tech industry is another thing all together.

17 Oct 2018

Women without borders

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

For innovation we need more women, more internationalists and more internationalist women.

15 Oct 2018

Sick babysitters & five tips for the ‘perfect’ work-life balance

Katie Bennett-Stenton | National Marketing Lead, Energy & Resources, Deloitte

Workplaces which provide flexibility are helping staff make the most of their lives – and those of their families.