PODCAST: the key to success is persistence - and persistence

In our latest podcast, The Mentor List’s David Lewis catches up with Zeger Degraeve, Dean of Melbourne Business School and Co-Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at University of Melbourne.

Degraeve has published more than 50 research papers in leading academic journals, has worked with businesses on executive education programs and consulted for the European Commission and McKinsey and Co.

“The best piece of [career] advice that I have,” Degraeve tells The Mentor List, “is to figure out what it is that you are good at.”  

"I would do my job for free out of passion, but in terms of a market that would not be fair for me."- Zeger Degraeve

Persistence then is the key to success, he says – along with taking stock of your little wins to break up the slog. 

The Mentor List - Zeger Degraeve

“To become really good at what you do, you have to be persistent and do it over and over again,” Degraeve says.

Ask yourself “‘what would I do for free?”

“Of course, we want market compensation for the contributions that we are making but what do we consider it fair for us to do for free?” he says. “I would do my job for free out of passion but in terms of a market that would not be fair for me”.

“At the end of the day we have to ask - why are we all here? No one asks to be born but all that we can do that is meaningful is to work in order to improve the quality of life that we all enjoy, to help others to create a life for themselves.”

Listen to the audio above to find out more.

This podcast is from The Mentor List and is part of their ongoing series on learning from industry leaders and the world's top business minds about their personal experience; including their daily habits, challenges and advice for generating passion and engagements. .

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David Lewis is an Australian business professional and founder of The Mentor List.

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