VIDEO: keep pace with consumers or die

Services providers need to keep pace with continuingly advancing technology and developing consumer trends if they are to survive, according to a leading voice in Australia point-of-sale technology. 

Speaking with H&L Australia CEO Burt Admiraal after the launch of ANZ’s new secure payments system for business customers, ANZ BladePay, he impressed upon me embracing technology that improves the customer experience is a ”no-brainer” for businesses - especially in industries like hospitality.

" What I believe very strongly is the consumer wants mobility and functionality."
Kath Bray, GM, Payments and Deposits, ANZ

“What I believe very strongly is the consumer wants mobility and functionality,” Burt says.  “We as innovators and service providers have to move quickly with the consumer and the offer solutions to the restaurant market.”

Keep pace with consumers or die

“The hospitality market doesn’t necessarily move as fast as the consumer, so our job as innovators is to push them along and give them reasons to move forward.”

ANZ designed BladePay to help businesses improve the efficiency and experience of their customer transactions. We worked with six point-of-sale vendors, including H&L, to develop customised applications for the platform.

Despite the benefits, the cost of developing tech will likely remain an issue, according to Burt. He also touched on business intelligence and the cloud vs the ground. Watch the video above to find out more.

Kath Bray is GM, Payments and Deposits at ANZ

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