VIDEO: the state of innovation in Australia

Australians have always had a thirst for cutting-edge technology and could be at the forefront of a push to consolidate mobile devices, de-cluttering the growing device clutter of workday life. 

That’s the opinion of Paul Gracey, director, HP Personal Systems South Pacific, who spoke to HP and BlueNotes on video.

" Australia has always been an early adopter country."
Paul Gracey, Director, HP

“Australia has always been an early adopter country,’ Gracey said.  “Whether that is DVDs, mobile phones, we’ve always been at that cutting edge. And we still have a thirst for doing that.”

VIDEO: the state of innovation in Australia

In good news for those sick of lugging around an office-load of equipment through their workday, Gracey has good news: device consolidation could be on the horizon.

 “People carrying a phone, a laptop, a tablet and variations those… I see a trend consolidating those devices,” he says.

Such a move could increase certainly around access to information, reduce errors and improve productivity at work.

Gracey also touched on technology challenges for small-to-medium business and how tech can help education and learning outcomes. Watch the video above to find out more.

Shane White is senior production editor at BlueNotes

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