23 Mar 2018

Punch cards and when big data meant a full filing cabinet

Matt Nicol | BlueNotes contributing editor

Before the invention of sophisticated computer software, the humble punch card helped organisations like ANZ create and store data.

21 Mar 2018

Q&A: untethered – Visa and the future of payments

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

We sit down with Chris Boncimino, Visa’s head of innovation, to chat about cryptocurrncies, QR codes, plastic cards, cash and all the other ways to pay.

15 Mar 2018

When DevOps talks, you’d better do what it says

Matt Nicol | BlueNotes contributing editor

We speak to experts in the operational style winning helping businesses in sectors as diverse as railway, social media and banking.

15 Mar 2018

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a toaster

Anne Collard | Head of Payments Capabilities & Industry, ANZ

A digital-identity system in Australia is vital as more retail and financial services migrate online.

26 Feb 2018

bluenotes debate: blocks, banks & bits

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

We chat to four experts who cut through the blockchain hype and look at how banks will make effective use of the technology.

23 Feb 2018

What CFOs need to know about cybersecurity (and why)

Chris Hockings | Chief Technology Officer, IBM Security

The growing threat landscape in tech has the potential to impact the bottom line.

22 Feb 2018

Six lessons learned in human centred design

Peter Dalton | Customer Experience Lead, ANZ

What is “human centred design” and how do you use it to design a banking app?

21 Feb 2018

IWD2018 LONGREAD: 404 - women not found

Christian Venter | GM Digital Technology, ANZ

With so many global programs encouraging women to join the technology industry, the question remains: where are they all?

14 Feb 2018

INTERACTIVE: million-dollar Valentine

Catriona Noble | Managing Director Retail Distribution Australia, ANZ

Australians lost close to $A9 million in the six months leading up to Valentine’s Day.

06 Feb 2018

On the other side of the internet (there is a person)

Lynwen Connick | CISO, ANZ

On Safer Internet day, it’s important to educate ourselves and our kids on using the internet safely – but the tools we use also have role.

06 Feb 2018

Six must-have skills for leaders in the digital economy

Leo D'Angelo Fisher | Freelance journalist

The idea technology is something which happens in the IT department won’t cut it anymore.

05 Feb 2018

The new commandments for online

Erica Hardinge | Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

We’re learning more about the impact of the dark side of the net on our kids.