Devoured or demonised by the D generation

The new generation of connected consumers will make or break companies over how they meet their expectations, making modern customer relations more vital than ever.

" [Disenchanted consumers] will become incredibly aggressive… trying to make sure that nobody does business with them."
Alan Trefler, CEO/Founder of Pegasystems Inc

Alan Trefler, the US entrepreneur behind the $600 million Pegasystems business, says this “D Generation" can have a very binary view when it comes to brands and are punishing when they don't get what they want.

“These folks have come to realise the power of connectivity and they really want more," he told BlueNotes exclusively on video.

“They want businesses they can engage with, that they can devour, that they're excited about."

“But failing to hit that devour point, they will turn around and demonise those companies. They will become incredibly aggressive, not just at failing to do business with them, but trying to make sure that nobody does business with them."

Trefler said companies needed be careful as once a consumer became a demoniser it was very hard to convert them back into a devourer.

“The key is to understand what you can do as an institution to prevent the demonisation," he said.

Trefler also touched on companies successfully offering customers what they want, broadening focus beyond social and mobile and the importance of a consistent, coherent customer experience. Watch the video above to find out more.

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