27 Jul 2018

Castles, moats and fending off digital raiders

Anthony Stevens | Founder & CEO, Digital Asset Ventures

The forces of digital disruption are undeniable. Here are two crucial planks of digital strategy all businesses need to know.

19 Jul 2018

Data & the understanding gap

Michael Morris | Technology, Media & Telecommunications Partner, Allens

There’s a chasm between business practice on data and consumer understanding of how it is actually used.

25 Jun 2018

How to craft a digital workspace

Kavitha Kadambi | GM Transformation Programs, Wipro

How can leaders craft modern workspaces using models, tools and procedures designed for bygone eras?

22 Jun 2018

LONGREAD: bringing out your dead data

Drew Turney | Freelance journalist

Need a file you saved 10 years ago? Good luck reading it. We explore the changing nature of digital storage.

14 Jun 2018

Data, social networks & the electronic edifice effect

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Who do you trust with your personal data if you can’t trust Facebook?

12 Jan 2018

Everything you’ll ever need to know about blockchain - the revised edition

Christian Venter | GM Digital Technology, ANZ

We’ve updated our longform explainer taking you through the ins and outs of something not many people fully understand.

15 Dec 2017

blueprints: paying for Christmas

Thomas Hounslow | bluenotes contributor

Going deeper into credit-card debt seems to be a common Australian Christmas tradition.

01 Dec 2017

blueprints: more than child’s play

Thomas Hounslow | bluenotes contributor

Almost 95 per cent of Australian and New Zealand homes play video games. Still think it’s just for kids?

29 Nov 2017

Australia ranked 2nd in digital connectivity

Michelle Evans | Head of Digital Consumer Research, Euromonitor International

Strong investment and consumer adoption puts Australia in rare air globally.

09 Oct 2017

Apple iPhone X - the mobile banking era is over

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

Banking is now about convenience – and it’s up to banks to learn where the friction points are.

28 Sep 2017

Security, honesty & the trust business

Mike Bullock | Chief Operating Officer, ANZ New Zealand

From sci-fi to reality at rapid pace, cyberattacks which could cripple businesses – and even nation-states - are a real threat.

04 Sep 2017

PODCAST: the power (and security) of your voice

Peter Dalton | Customer Experience Lead, ANZ

Mobile phones are set to become personal biometric devices, increasing security on a number of features.