06 Feb 2024

AI Revolution: A Year of Transformative Impact and the Road Ahead

Tim Hogarth | Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

In just a year Generative AI has started to profoundly reshape our world. However, this transformation has only just begun. What are the next steps in the journey?

31 Jan 2024

Coining a new phase: how digital assets will change us

Cindy He | Manager, Industry & Innovation, ANZ Institutional

The changes taking place with digital assets could be as pivotal to the global economy as the invention of coinage in 630 BCE. But how will it impact you?

23 Jan 2024

The science of saving success

Mohamed Khalil | Head of Financial Wellbeing, Research and Design, ANZ

It’s easy to envisage our New Year’s saving plans coming off without a hitch. But as cost-of-living increases bite, understanding our own psychology can help achieve savings success.

22 Jan 2024

The artificial intelligence opportunity

Dr Maria Milosavljevic | Chief Information Security Officer, ANZ

Artificial Intelligence is not new, but its applications are exploding. Collaboration is required for it to reach its full potential in a safe manner.

08 Dec 2023

AI and the erosion of customer trust

Michelle Pinheiro | Chief Risk Officer, Data & Technology, ANZ

Artificial intelligence and its applications have boomed. But what are the implications of its interactions with customers and do we still prefer the human touch?

01 Dec 2023

Global lesson in technology and regulation

Jo Hayes | Divisional CIO Group Services, Technology, ANZ

How do we prepare for what’s coming in terms of technology and regulation? Talking to overseas counterparts can help.

29 Nov 2023

Cracking the criminal networks

Marc Broome | Senior Manager, Complex Investigations with Customer Protection, ANZ

There are thousands of ATMs spread across Australia. Which one will criminals use for money laundering? Ask ANZ’s internal investigators.

24 Nov 2023

Removing fragmentation risk from CBDCs

Suresh Rajalingam | Head of Oceania, Swift

The payments landscape is evolving rapidly – but could this disrupt the global economy if emerging digital currencies and traditional institutions find it difficult to co-exist?

23 Nov 2023

Fraud by any other name…

Cassandra Hewett & Kishanie Wijewickrama | Head of Financial Crime and Head of Group Integrity, ANZ

Fraud – a tale as old as time. While the motivations to defraud remain the same, the methods have become more sophisticated. But so have the ways to defend against it.

22 Nov 2023

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: Building a retail banking platform for tomorrow

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive - Australia Retail, ANZ

The ANZ Plus retail banking platform is rapidly adding new features and attracting new customers. And what we’ve seen so far it just the tip of the iceberg.

16 Nov 2023

Australian shoppers adapt to changing economic landscape

Sweta Mehra | Managing Director, Everyday Banking, ANZ

With inflation rising and Black Friday sales and Christmas approaching, saving money has become a priority for shoppers. In the digital era, savvy spenders are using tools to help them reach their budgeting goals.

13 Nov 2023

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: a platform for success

Lisa Vasic & Mark Whelan | MD Transaction Banking, Institutional & Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

ANZ Institutional is using digital platforms to offer banking services to large companies and financial institutions at a scale unimagined a decade ago. And it’s showing up in the bank’s full year result.