BUDGET 24-25: the key points

The Australian Federal Budget has revealed a surplus of $9.3 billion for 2023-24, before the balance falls into deficit. In 2024-25, the forecast deficit is $28.3 billion.

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The key measures in the budget include electricity bill relief for all households. There is $22.7 billion over the decade to help fund the ‘Future Made in Australia’ package. And there are a range of policy decisions around housing and infrastructure investment.

On the economy, Treasury expects gross domestic product growth of 2 per cent during 2024-25. It also expects the unemployment rate to rise to 4.5 per cent by the June quarter 2025.

Treasury has also forecast the inflation rate will return to 2.75 per cent by June 2025.

Adam Boyton is the Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

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