The rapid global rise in interest rates and inflation over the past year has presented a number of challenges to businesses and individuals. ANZ has navigated this highly unusual time well, delivering a record result for our shareholders with a cash profit of $7.4 billion for the year. The one-year Total Shareholder Return to 30 September was 20 per cent with the three-year return 76 per cent.

Your Board increased the final dividend per share to 94 cents, 13 cents higher than the first half of financial 2023. This was made up of an 81 cents per share dividend, 65 per cent franked and an additional 13 cents per share unfranked dividend.

Some of you will be curious about the change to franking, particularly given the strong result. ANZ's long-time dividend payout ratio has been 60-65 per cent of cash profit. This has typically aligned to the proportion of profit generated in Australia – where we generate franking credits from tax paid in this jurisdiction. 

In recent periods, including the second half, our offshore businesses, including in New Zealand where we are the largest bank, have performed well and produced a larger proportion of total group profits. 

Franking was also impacted by the effect of holding capital ahead of completing the acquisition of Suncorp Bank – but of course we are yet to see any earnings. 

The outcome of these factors was we were unable to fully frank the final dividend.

Importantly all four divisions contributed to the record result and the benefits of years of simplification and investment, in particular in technology, were evident.

Our Institutional division is a much simpler, more diversified business today and is a leader in the high-returning Payments and Cash Management space. In Australia Retail, the ANZ Plus platform has gone from strength to strength and after only 18 months has attracted more than 500,000 customers and over $10 billion of deposits. 

ANZ Plus is the fastest growing major bank offering for retail customers. In Commercial our digital platform, GoBiz, is delivering better outcomes including more rapid decisions for our customers.

In New Zealand the market-leading business is diversified, well-managed and has navigated a tough regulatory and economic environment.

We know environments like the current one can cause of worry and stress. There are shareholders, customers and people you know finding life tough. We are a strong bank and we are here to help. There is information on how to contact us if you, or someone you know, is experiencing financial stress on the ANZ website.

In these stories we bring you all the key presentations from the 2023 annual general meeting, a review of our operating performance, insights from our executive team and stories about our inspirational customers.

Jill Campbell is Group General Manager Investor Relations at ANZ

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O’Sullivan: a simplified bank well positioned for growth

ANZ Chairman reviews the 2023 year and outlines the bank's growth opportunities for 2024, and its progress on climate initiatives and supporting environmental sustainability.

Paul O'Sullivan | Chairman, ANZ

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Elliott: consistent strategy leads to record result

Despite global and domestic headwinds ANZ delivered its highest ever revenue and cash profit in 2023 financial year - driven by consistent performance across all four divisions.

Shayne Elliott | CEO, ANZ

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A new retail bank built for tomorrow

In a world where people have grown up doing everything on their smart devices, how do they want to bank? ANZ Plus is powerful new retail banking platform, built from the ground up. It already has more than 500,000 customers and $10 billion in deposits.

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive, Australia Retail, ANZ

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A platform for success

The digital revolution means lenders like ANZ can offer services to large companies, such as payments and cash management at an unprecedented scale. These so-called platform services are now a key pillar of growth within ANZ Institutional.

Lisa Vasic & Mark Whelan | MD Transaction Banking, Institutional & Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

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Shelter from the storm

ANZ New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Antonia Watson says that country’s economy can be the “canary in the coal mine” - helping forecast how policy settings will impact economies. The market-leading business is also showing how to help customers through adversity.

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

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Charging the engine

Australia’s 2.5 million businesses drive about 65 per cent of private sector employment and contribute about 55 per cent of private sector profits. It’s importance as the “growth engine of the Australian economy” will only increase says Group Executive, Australia Commercial Clare Morgan.

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

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The business of risk and worry

As ANZ’s Chief Risk Officer, it’s Kevin Corbally’s job to worry. But what he worries about might not be what you think. Prevailing commentary on the economy can stoke fear, but Corbally prefers to focus on the data.

Kevin Corbally | Chief Risk Officer, ANZ

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Green shoots: Bengaluru's unique growth story

Bengaluru’s flourishing technology sector has seen the city dubbed “India’s Silicon Valley”. But look a little closer and you will see so much more – a city building an innovative workforce that is empowering India’s – and ANZ’s – future growth.

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes


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Fostering an inclusive culture

ANZ’s new Group Executive for Talent and Culture, Elisa Clements knows the value of the workforce at ANZ, and she says getting the best from people involves embracing their whole human experience.

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

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Read, watch, listen

With topics stretching from effective altruism, to the importance of the world’s oceansand even a David Beckham documentary, bluenotes' 2023 annual content recommendation list has all areas covered.

Shayne Elliott, Maile Carnegie, Antonia Watson, Richard Yetsenga & more!

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Don't stop believing

Many young Australians – no matter when they start saving – feel the dream of home ownership may elude them. An ANZ program in conjunction with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Berry Street and The Smith Family, offers a solution.

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive, Australia Retail, ANZ

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Delivering for the pacific

The Pacific is a vast area, and for 143 years, ANZ has been delivering for the region. But the needs of the people the bank serves are changing. Here is how ANZ is moving to meet those needs.

Sarah Stubbings | ANZ Regional Executive, Pacific

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