Financial literacy

15 Jan 2020

Confidence and wellbeing: on different paths

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

As consumer confidence continues to get weaker consumers may become more resilient, according to new data.

10 Dec 2019

Financial wellbeing: researching the community

Michelle Commandeur | Head of Financial Inclusion at ANZ

Researching the financial wellbeing of communities can help influence the financial services industry. US expert Dr Dee Warmath explains.

22 Oct 2019

Fintech as a force for good

Michelle Commandeur | Head of Financial Inclusion at ANZ

Innovative fintech companies have the opportunity to be at the forefront of financial wellbeing and inclusion.

29 Nov 2018

Three massive factors for senior financial wellbeing

Emily Ross | Author, journalist and editor

New report isolates factors associated with financial wellbeing in older Australians – and what can be done to help.

29 Nov 2018

IN PICTURES: financial wellbeing of older Australians

Michelle Commandeur | Head of Financial Inclusion at ANZ

See the key findings of ANZ’s latest financial wellbeing report into older Australians in visual form.

22 Nov 2018

The reality of financial wellbeing & older Australians

Emily Ross | Author, journalist and editor

New report into wellbeing among Australia’s ageing population shows highly disparate level of financial health.

08 Nov 2018

Financial wellbeing: the three pillars

Kath Bray | Customer Engagement Lead, ANZ

At the heart of a bank’s social licence to operate is the financial wellbeing of the community.

01 Oct 2018

Kiddy banking: as easy as save, spend, give

Shannon Peachey | Tribe Lead, Savers & Investors, ANZ

Teaching children about money will improve their financial literacy as adults, research shows.

03 Sep 2018

Weathering life’s storms

Ana-Marie Lockyer | General Manager Wealth Products and Marketing New Zealand, ANZ

Money Week shines the spotlight on financial resilience and helps New Zealanders weather financial shock.

16 May 2018

Saving their way to freedom

Professor Roslyn Russell | Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University

Helping people save can help improve financial habits – and change lives, new RMIT research confirms.

19 Apr 2018

Financial wellbeing 2018: full coverage

bluenotes contributors |

We bring you all the views and insights from ANZ’s financial wellbeing survey.

19 Apr 2018

More than a third of Australians just getting by financially – or worse

Emily Ross | Author, journalist and editor

Many factors contribute to a person’s financial wellbeing – including some surprising ones.