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10 Dec 2018

What Australia can learn from the UK on open banking

Alex Scriven | Head of Open Data & Portfolio Management, Equifax

Australia’s financial services sector will have the opportunity to learn from the UK on open baking in 2019.

04 Dec 2018

Biz must empower people on cyber security

Lynwen Connick | CISO, ANZ

Technology can only go so far. The best businesses create a culture of security in the battle against online crime.

20 Nov 2018

Change, tech & banking, from the floor

Charles Wachira | Associate Director, Institutional, ANZ

What do the coming changes in financial services mean for the bank employee of the future?

16 Nov 2018

Food & views: combining the best of NZ

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

Two of New Zealand’s biggest sectors have an opportunity to help each other - by turning tourists into customers.

15 Nov 2018

Bright times ahead for Sunraysia agri

Jason Marr | Regional Executive North West VIC, ANZ

Industry collaboration is starting to improve the bottom-line profitability of farmers in the Sunraysia region.

13 Nov 2018

Getting a taste of New Zealand

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

We chat to an NZ SME which puts quality food and connection to the land at the centre of its business.

23 Oct 2018

Short-term pain for long-term gains

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

Investing in pharmaceutical innovation may not yield short-term returns but the long-term benefits are vital.

22 Oct 2018

Light at the end of the drought

Mark Bennett | Head of Aus Agribusiness, ANZ

Drought is not new and neither is the strength of Australia’s farmers.

22 Oct 2018

SIBOS2018: full coverage

bluenotes contributors |

Read our full coverage of the Sibos 2018 conference in Sydney.

19 Oct 2018

The ASEAN opportunity continues to excel

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

The scale of the ASEAN opportunity is still often underestimated by Australian business.

19 Oct 2018

SIBOS2018: blockchain, airports & the trade of the future

Vivek Gupta | Head of Trade & Supply Chain, Greater China & North Asia, ANZ

How distributed ledger platforms and ecosystems develop in the trade finance space will be fascinating to watch.

19 Oct 2018

SIBOS2018: fintech, speed dating & banking’s north star

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

Emerging technology in financial services is driving industry collaboration to an all-time high.