Business Finance

19 Oct 2017

Want change to succeed? Learn what to forget

Alicia Aitken & Greg Szopa | bluenotes contributors

Atlassian R&D head Dom Price shares the secret to staying relevant within businesses experiencing rapid transformation.

10 Oct 2017

Clean, green & on screen: the modern cattle station

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Keeping up with – and taking advantage of - changes in tech can be just as valuable as innovating.

10 Oct 2017

Attracting cyber talent crucial: Connick

Erica Hardinge | Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

ANZ CISO talks on video and podcast about the skills shortage in cybersecurity – and the risks if the issue isn’t solved.

06 Oct 2017

How culture connects Kiwi biz to history

Briar McCormack | bluenotes contributor

With New Zealand’s Asian population set to double in the next 25 years, embracing cultural traditions are an important part of business.

04 Oct 2017

Regulators vow to be more cultured

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Culture’s hard to create – and maintain – but shouldn’t be written off as unmanagable.

03 Oct 2017

Bringing assurance back to insurance

Alexis George | Group Executive Wealth, ANZ

Australia’s insurance sector is suffering from a combination of public mistrust and the need for more-affordable, accessible cover.

03 Oct 2017

REALas, start-ups and learning to talk corporate

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ has acquired property pricing startup REALas – we speak to the founder on podcast and video.

02 Oct 2017

The next steps for Kiwisaver

Craig Mulholland | Managing Director of Wealth at ANZ Investments NZ

A survey shows a majority of New Zealanders support making their national savings initiative, KiwiSaver, compulsory.

28 Sep 2017

Security, honesty & the trust business

Mike Bullock | Chief Operating Officer, ANZ New Zealand

From sci-fi to reality at rapid pace, cyberattacks which could cripple businesses – and even nation-states - are a real threat.

26 Sep 2017

A winery to Asia: the Brown Brothers story

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

From grapes in the King Value to wine in Shenzen, Asia customers want an experience.

21 Sep 2017

SMEs: social is where your customers are

Guy Mendelson | General Manager, Small Business Banking at ANZ

In an increasingly competitive SME space reaching customers is more important than ever. Social media is an opportunity – if done correctly.

21 Sep 2017

Big data, big opportunity for SMEs

Briar McCormack | bluenotes contributor

Once a tool strictly for high street, big data SMEs are making use of the opportunities big data presents.