The future of intra-Asia investment

There's a big shift in inter-regional investment on the horizon in Asia. Economic relationships between regional neighbours are poised to become even stronger but remarkably different in the years ahead driven by increased private-sector activity.

"Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand are the likely winners of a shift in intra-regional investment."
Kevin Plumberg, Senior Editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit

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According to a survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), regional trade and investment ties in Asia are going to become increasingly complex as companies seek new markets throughout the region.

The EIU surveyed 525 business leaders in seven Asian countries on their expansion plans in the region.

The findings suggest inter-regional investment in north Asia is likely to cool over the decade, with production shifting from China to South-East Asia. Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand are the likely winners of this shift.

You can find out mote at and see also ASEAN: The Next Horizon.

Kevin Plumberg is senior editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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