03 Apr 2023

All banks are local when they die

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

From tech-bros in Silicon Valley to vignerons of the Napa Valley, the great furling of easy cash is claiming surprising victims. Tighter credit conditions, weaker banks and economies are entwined.

28 Mar 2023

Economic report: The future of Queensland’s economy

Gene Tunny | Director Adept Economics

Queensland has a great opportunity to accelerate its very strong economic growth. Download the full Queensland: Future state report by Adept Economics.

20 Jan 2023

Remaining nimble: Challenging outlook with opportunities ahead

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Head of Investment Strategy, Private Banking & Advice, ANZ

There’s likely to be no shortage of challenges for the global economy and markets in 2023. But those challenges should bring opportunities for patient investors who know where to look.

19 Oct 2022

Global risk outlook: sunny with chance of storms

Kevin Corbally | Chief Risk Officer, ANZ

Kevin Corbally, ANZ’s Chief Risk Officer, discusses the current risk climate in Australia and globally in this bluenotes podcast.

25 Aug 2022

PODCAST: twin threats for global commodities markets

Brett Foley | bluenotes contributor

Inflation and conflict have roiled commodity markets. What does it mean for investors? ANZ’s commodities strategist Daniel Hynes explains.

13 Nov 2018

What’s ahead for markets after the US elections?

Mark Rider & Shane Lee | Chief Investment Officer & Asset Allocation Strategist at ANZ

Complications mean the implications of this result will be felt well into the long term.

12 Jun 2018

How much longer can this go on?

Mark Rider | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

ANZ Wealth’s CIO looks at predictions for a volatile market this quarter.

22 Mar 2018

Non-banks to take greater slice of corporate loan market

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Australia’s syndicated loan market will keep expanding – with non-banks a key driver.

05 Mar 2018

Asia demand for $A bonds here to stay

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Telstra Group treasurer says flow of liquidity out of Asia into $A bonds will likely continue.

08 Feb 2018

Good times fade away on markets

Mark Rider | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

Crashes aside, don’t expect a repeat of the double-digit market returns of 2017.

17 Jan 2018

Singapore’s role in the RMB story

Anshul Sidher | Head of Markets Trading and Product, ANZ

China’s strategic currency goals are no secret – and other ASEAN nations stand to benefit.

13 Dec 2017

Asia’s $US-bond boom is just getting started

Trends which have driven record-breaking growth in $US bonds in the region are set to continue into 2018.