Three industries facing a TPP shakeup

Putting aside all the uncertainties, the newly minted Trans-Pacific Partnership's impact on global supply chains will be more incremental than dramatic. But there will be a global supply chain reorganisation and some sectors will feel it more than others.

There are winners and losers from the TPP. Multinationals have some advantages over single country firms in that they have the potential to internally reorganise. But either way, a new set of trade rules has the potential to distort established efficient supply models.

"A new set of trade rules has the potential to distort established efficient supply models."
Roland Randall, Insights & Research Manager at ANZ

The principles of the TPP are simple: 'free trade today'. But for all sorts of mostly political reasons there are most likely thousands of exceptions to the basic principles (1,500 pages of them). Below are three sectors we think will see some changes.

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Roland Randall is an Insights & Research Manager at ANZ

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