Asia Pacific

20 May 2024

Leading the charge for gender diversity in Samoa

Sucharu Tandon | Country Head, ANZ Samoa

More women are entering the workforce in Samoa, reshaping the economic landscape and challenging traditional gender roles.

08 May 2024

Risk and reward on the road to Bengaluru

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

The fascinating career of ANZ Group Capability Centre Bengaluru Managing Director, Venkataraman SV, reflects the vibrancy and growth of India’s financial services.

10 Apr 2024

Election season in Asia

Bansi Madhavani | Senior Economist, ANZ

Powerhouse economies India and South Korea face elections. What does this mean for their economic growth and for the region?

25 Mar 2024

Playing the long game in Asia

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

With a long history in Asia, ANZ continues to grow its presence in the region – especially in mainland China.

22 Feb 2024

India defying expectations

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

India has made remarkable economic progress. But now it is in search of sustaining growth.

08 Feb 2024

India: Embracing potential

Dhiraj Nim & Sanjay Mathur | Foreign Exchange Strategist & Chief Economist Southeast Asia + India, ANZ

India’s budget chose prudence over populism, embracing the nation’s newfound economic potential. Here are the top five takeaways.

06 Dec 2023

Bengaluru: India's talent magnet

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ Chief Financial Officer Farhan Faruqui thinks something unique is happening as Bengaluru grows, and he thinks the bank will be an important part of that journey.

05 Dec 2023

A strong legacy and bright future in Vietnam

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

Vietnam is on the precipice of its global economic moment. For 30 years ANZ has backed this growth and the relationship is set to strengthen.

04 Dec 2023

Bringing scale and strength to the Pacific

Sarah Stubbings | ANZ Regional Executive, Pacific

By simplifying and standardising, ANZ will continue to help local communities thrive in the Blue Pacific.

25 Oct 2023

Taiwan’s net zero push

John Duthie & Chelsea Chu | Head of Taiwan Research and Analysis & Head of Corporate Coverage Taiwan, ANZ Institutional

It only took Taiwanese industry one generation to position itself as the most important semi-conductor manufacturer globally – now that sector is transforming to net zero. Australia and New Zealand can help.

20 Oct 2023

Asia’s next growth journey

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

China was once the only story in town, but growth in the nation of 1.4 billion people is slowing. For capital, the rest of Asia beckons.

05 Oct 2023

Riding the mobile wallet tourism wave

John Campbell | GM Transact & Save, Australia Commercial, ANZ

China has embraced digital wallets, is Australia equipped for the tourist spending spree?