The RMB internationalisation journey

In an upcoming special report The Renminbi Takes Centre Stage, ANZ will provide insights on the evolution of the RMB into an international trading currency. In a special preview, exclusively on BlueNotes, the infographic below demonstrates the RMB journey so far.

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editor's picks

03 Feb 2015

A slow start no surprise for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Ivy Au Yeung | Chief Executive Officer ANZ Hong Kong

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme was launched in November last year and although it was highly anticipated by global investors, it has seen a lukewarm start. There are several reasons for this and I don’t think any of them are fundamental problems.

22 Apr 2015

The new FTZs opening China up

Li-Gang Liu & Raymond Yeung | Former Chief Economist Greater China & Chief Economist, Greater China, ANZ

In a further positiive development for market liberalisation in China, the country's State Council has formally unveiled its plans to launch three more Free Trade Zones (FTZs) within the Asian giant's borders.

31 Mar 2015

China’s revolution is being misread

Leonie Lethbridge | CEO Cambodia, ANZ

Too much China commentary focusses on the magnitude or rate of change of growth in the country (or rather the lack of it), the risks in the economy and the implications for global growth.