19 May 2022

Stateometer: trade drives momentum

Bansi Madhavani | Senior Economist, ANZ

Sharp increase in trade drove economic momentum in the first quarter, the ANZ Stateometer shows, despite a slew of challenges.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: the new era of fiscal leadership

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

Speaking on video, the ANZ Chief Economist scores the Federal Budget on three fronts.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: in pictures - 2020 vision

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

See the key announcements for the 2020-2021 Australian Federal Budget in this infographic.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: spend, business, spend

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australia’s 2020-21 Federal Budget was designed to get the private sector spending again.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: engineering a recovery

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australian Federal Budget prioritises a private sector recovery, with fiscal conservatism tossed aside.

06 Oct 2020

The new fiscal reality

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

The modern fiscal world is radically different from any before it. What does the mean for the post-COVID recovery?

05 Dec 2019

Aus Christmas retail: bah humbug

Adelaide Timbrell & David Plank | Economist & Head of Aus Economics, ANZ

A weak economy and ongoing discounting periods are putting a dampener on the Christmas spirit in retail.

26 Feb 2018

PODCAST: Alibaba, the sleeping giant of retail

Jo Masters | Senior Economist, ANZ

While Australian retailers are bracing their windows for the Amazon storm, Alibaba is walking freely through the door.

22 Nov 2017

Stateometer: a clearer picture

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Strength in labour market, recovery in mining states sees convergence in ANZ Stateometer.

18 Sep 2017

Growth backers: financing Asia’s rapid expansion

Carl Roberts | Head of ANZ Loan Syndications for South & Southeast Asia.

An infrastructure investment gap is opening up in Asia challenges regarding the availability and pricing of capital are increasing.

17 Jul 2017

Super: the great Australian apathy

Alexis George | Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Group Executive Wealth Australia, ANZ

More than half of all Australians significantly underestimate how much superannuation they’ll need for independence.

10 May 2017

Australian Commonwealth Budget 2017-18

bluenotes contributors |

Australia's Commonwealth Budget has been unveiled, with a focus on security, fairness and opportunity.