Phil Ruthven: Five things to think about Asia

Futurist and IBIS Founder Phil Ruthven gave ANZ’s Opportunity Asia Insight Series function in Melbourne five critical insights.

" actually creating far more jobs than are being destroyed."
Phil Ruthven, Futurist and IBIS Founder

  1. Australia once grew for decades at more than 8 per cent annually – but it didn’t have a billion people. China has now done it for 55 years and looks set to continue. This is unprecedented.
  2. China has the “benefit” of autocracy to direct growth but India – the world’s biggest democracy – is growing at more than 6 per cent, twice the world economy.
  3. Australia is particularly “lucky” to be so deeply entrenched in Asia. And its engagement is actually a lot deeper than people think.
  4. Despite the “rigidities” of Australia’s economy, it is actually creating far more jobs than are being destroyed. Even in manufacturing there are still “sinfully profitable” companies.
  5. Australia can’t be Asia’s food bowl. But the opportunity to dramatically increase food related exports is still amazing.

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