07 Dec 2017

New world order: threading the policy needle

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper makes progress in coming to terms with the new geopolitical reality.

09 Nov 2017

Aus household debt continues to outrun income

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

Ultimately, higher interest rates will be required to bring household debt growth in line with income growth.

08 Nov 2017

New world order: the APEC paradox

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

November’s APEC forum will be the first featuring an American President seemingly out of step with its founding principles.

02 Nov 2017

RBA should hold the line on rates

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Inflation may give the RBA the cover it needs to hike next year.

25 Oct 2017

FTAs: myth posing as policy

Bill Carmichael, Alan Mitchell et al | Former chairman, Industries Assistance Commission & Former Economics Editor, AFR

The clarity of what is at issue in trade policy has been translated into the language of trade diplomacy.

24 Oct 2017

New world order: Xi’s China dream

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

Chinese leader’s ambitious plan departs from growth-and-more-growth dictums of predecessors.

16 Oct 2017

New world order: a bridge to China

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

Shifting power balances and China’s developing BRI presents key decisions for the next Australian government.

19 May 2017

Building regional Australia - post Budget2017

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Jack Archer and Christine Linden sit down to dissect the emerging implications of the federal budget for regional Australia.

27 Mar 2017

Taxing times for Australia, Indonesia and the world

Mark Lawson | Retired senior journalist

The challenge of companies and individuals shuffling income and assets between jurisdictions - a major issue in the ASEAN region - has come to the fore in both Australia and Indonesia.

10 Dec 2016

Shining a spotlight on risky business

Mark Evans | Managing Director Transaction Banking, ANZ

If you are selling chocolate bars, the need for controls on food safety is obvious. If you are flying planes, safety checks are critical. But when it comes to financial services, the case for risk controls hasn’t always been so well understood.

25 Nov 2016

LONGREAD: Why would you invest in fintech?

Grant Halverson | Former CEO, McLean Roche Consulting

It’s now nine years since ‘fintech’, the buzz term for financial technology start-ups, entered the lexicon and threatened to upend banking as we know it. It hasn’t yet. But will it?

09 Aug 2016

Five reasons electronic voting faces big hurdles

Paul Edwards | Manager Operations Strategy, ANZ

In the aftermath of the 2016 Australian federal election a renewed discussion emerged about electronic voting in future ballots. The primary argument is such a move would accelerate the counting of votes and reduce the period of uncertainty following on polling day.