The ten biggest Twitter themes of #Budget18

Budget 2018 has come and gone. Did you notice? 

Amid less fanfare than previous years, with no shock announcements, the federal government unveiled a package headlined by the news Australia will record a deficit of $A18.2 billion this year, before returning to surplus earlier-than-expected in 2019-20.

Social media, at least, was keen on it all - in particular Twitter, which seized on news of the tax cuts, infrastructure spending and changes to superannuation rules, to name a few. 

"Social media, at least, was very keen on it all.”

Below are the 10 most-mentioned topics on Twitter, according to data from the website itself. 

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Tax talk - as expected - dominated, while health, education and environmental issues – perhaps not as heavily reported by the traditional media – were also popular.

The announcement was news Australia-wide and – as reflected in the below animated heatmap - bigger in capital cities.

Props - as always - to Canberra, which consistently outperforms its larger counterparts on a Tweet-to-population-size basis (perhaps due to the cavalcade of once-a-year visitor journalists). 

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Shane White is senior production editor at bluenotes

Data courtesy of Twitter. You can read bluenotes’ full coverage of #Budget2018 HERE.

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