Fieldays: a major player in assuring New Zealand’s economic future

NZ Fieldays has become an unrivalled platform for showcasing NZ agricultural expertise and world leadership as well as demonstrating quantifiable economic impact.

NZ National Fieldays Society recently released its Fieldays 2014 Economic Impact Report, the report highlights both the direct and indirect benefits of the event.

"Fieldays' measure of success is more than just numbers of visitors through the gate or the number of sites we sell."
Jon Calder, CEO Mystery Creek Events Centre

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23 Jun 2014

New Zealand’s Bull – or Cow – Rush

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

In the huge produce hall at Fieldays in Hamilton New Zealand, the southern hemisphere’s largest agricultural trade fair, a sausage and small goods maker was lamenting how difficult he was finding it to secure supplies of top quality beef and lamb.

22 Jul 2014

New Zealand's Māori economy: a powerful force in the Kiwi success story

Bernard Hickey | Publisher at Hive News

This year's Matariki or Māori New Year Festival marked a major milestone for both Māori business and the New Zealand economy.

07 Jul 2014

Buying into growth as NZ speeds up

Graham Turley | Managing Director, Institutional Australia

When Kiwi companies look at export markets – particularly in the growth regions of Asia – they quickly learn that a big business in New Zealand is a small business elsewhere.

03 Jun 2014

Migration to New Zealand is rising

Bernard Hickey | Publisher at Hive News

In a year when house prices and interest rates are already going to be major election themes, strong migration flows become even more polarising than usual. And migration is never politically easy.