15 Sep 2017

blueprints: anatomy of a disaster

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

Explore our interactive infographic to discover the financial and psychological burdens of natural disasters.

11 Aug 2017

blueprints: from Pies to Patriots

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

The world’s 50 most-valuable sporting clubs are in a league of their own compared to teams in Australia.

04 Jul 2017


Peter Dalton | Group General Manager Innovation, ANZ

Far more than just a telephone, the iPhone has changed the world – and connected it – arguably more than any other device in recent history.

02 May 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: ANZ’s profit in pictures

Stephen Ries | Head of Media Relations, ANZ

Consistency in approach has delivered ANZ a 23 per cent lift in cash profit in the first half, supporting an improved return on equity.

12 Apr 2017

It’s not all about millennials: consumers are ageing

Gina Westbrook | Director Strategy Briefings, Euromonitor

There’s never been a better time to be old – or to take advantage of the growing mature-consumer market. Life expectancy is rising around the world, having a major effect on consumer behaviour and the way business approach the market.

09 Mar 2017

Single living, smaller: the reality of 2030

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

By 2030 the size, location and demographics of households globally is set to change.

16 May 2016

Special delivery: China’s logistics boom

Greg Au-Yeung | Head of Technology China, ANZ

Similar to many of my peers – if I haven’t been dragged to the shopping malls - I buy almost everything online. Thanks to China’s rapid development in the internet age, this is now really a breeze.

06 May 2016

The boom within a boom: Chinese cross-border e-commerce

Casey Hall | Former Asian editor, WSJ, NT, CNN

China’s consumer economy is booming. So too, despite the well-publicised restrictions on content and channels, is the online economy. Now add ‘foreign goods’ to the fuel because cross border e-commerce is a boom within a boom – to the extent the government has just introduced some new controls on commerce.

17 Mar 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: three steps to the perfect presentation

Paul Edwards | Manager Operations Strategy, ANZ

Sitting through a bad PowerPoint presentation can be a tough experience for all involved. BlueNotes received a great response to Paul Edwards' recent piece showing how to rethink your approach to presentations, kicking off a great conversation in the comments and on social media.

04 Dec 2015

The danger of BaU in the age of innovation

Sreeram Iyer | Chief Operating Officer International and Institutional, ANZ

How often have you heard a new starter in a workplace ask: “Why are you doing that this way? This is madness!”?

22 Oct 2015

Who watches the cyber watchmen?

Bruce Hassall | CEO, PwC New Zealand

Leaps in technologies hold great promise for contending with seemingly intractable cyber threats. Yet the spotlight on technological advances can dim the focus on the roles, competencies and training of people—often an over looked although very effective defence. We're seeing this start to change.

14 Oct 2015

Creative approach required for jobs of the future

Peter Booth | Provost and Senior Vice President, Sydney University of Technology

Australia's largest trading partner, China, has a strategic focus to shift from 'Made in China' towards 'Designed in China'. Australia's 4th largest trading partner, South Korea, has established 17 major innovation centres in 17 major cities across the country to quickly develop its creative economy and creative industries.