IWD 2024: A retrospective list

Inclusion – it’s a force that unites and motivates us. 

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To shape a better world, embracing inclusion should not be a choice but a vital commitment. Regardless of our gender identity, our roles at home or in workplaces, we all have a part to play in fostering a culture of inclusivity. 

While commendable strides have been made, the journey is ongoing and demands a collective effort. 

Acknowledging the diverse needs and obstacles faced by marginalised and underrepresented groups is a crucial and compassionate step in the right direction. As a proud Mununjali woman from Yugambeh and Bundjalung Country, I have experienced these challenges first hand.

By recognising these nuances, we strengthen our commitment to a world where inclusion can become a firm reality.

Tenielle Rolfe is Inclusion Program Manager at ANZ.

28 Feb 2024

Committing to intersectional inclusion

Tenielle Rolfe | Inclusion Program Manager, ANZ

Understanding the concept of intersectionality and how it impacts employees who belong to multiple underrepresented groups is crucial to inclusion.

06 Mar 2024

Realising the promise of gender diversity

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Technology Editor, bluenotes

Hiring a balanced and gender-diverse team may seem hard, but it doesn’t need to be.

04 Mar 2024

Fostering female leaders

Shannon McMahon | Managing Director, Home Loans, ANZ

Protecting the pipeline of future female leaders is critical. But how do we preserve this talent pool and help them take their next step on their leadership journey?

27 Feb 2024

Sisters sowing success in agribusiness

Stephen Radeski | State Agribusiness Manager, ANZ

The passion and innovation of young people will be critical to the evolution and growth of the agriculture industry in Australia.

29 Feb 2024

Leading by example

Terence Low | Country Head, Vanuatu, ANZ

In Pacific Island countries women are caretakers of homes and communities. ANZ Vanuatu’s commercial banking team shows how this role is also crucial in banking.

05 Jul 2023

Sponsoring talent places influential allies in your corner

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Technology Editor, bluenotes

When planning your career progression, don’t overlook sponsoring talent – it’s the crucial competitive advantage you need.

19 May 2023

Data driven solutions: from driving quality in technology to violence prevention

Catherine Lockstone | Capability Area Lead – Quality Engineering at ANZ

Catherine Lockstone crunched data when she was on the board of Kara Family Violence Services. That work supported the findings of an Australian Royal Commission. Now she does similar work at ANZ, enhancing the quality of engineering.

21 Nov 2023

Making single use plastic history

Christina Tonkin | Managing Director of Corporate Finance ANZ Institutional

This entrepreneur is changing the game in plastic production and manufacturing. Here is her story.

10 Oct 2023

Life changing shifts in representation

Sweta Mehra | Managing Director, Everyday Banking, ANZ

The chance to see versions of ourselves on screen is something many of us take for granted. The Shift 20 Initiative wants to expand that chance to the 20 per cent of Australians with a disability who are rarely seen on our screens.

08 Aug 2023

The future of leadership is diverse

Yuri Mariano | Learning and Development Facilitator, ANZ

Embracing cultural diversity in leadership is not only the right thing to do. It’s essential for business growth.

30 Nov 2023

Gender parity: the next steps

Jackie Kallman | Head of Payments Industry & Engagement, ANZ

Kristy Duncan founded Women in Payments more than a decade ago to fight for gender parity in financial services. It is now a global organization but Kristy says the industry still has a long way to go.

18 Oct 2023

Using design to combat economic abuse

Meg Dalling | Customer Advocate, ANZ

Research shows banks are often first to learn someone is in an abusive relationship. How should banks respond to help ensure the cycle of abuse is disrupted?

12 Sep 2023

Help is at hand

Fiona MacDonald | Diversity & Inclusion Lead, ANZ

Your child is physically safe and healthy after a near drowning. But the mind can take longer to heal. Here is how to ask for help.

29 Nov 2023

Helping people experiencing family violence

Shayne Elliott | CEO, ANZ

ANZ’s flagship financial education program MoneyMinded continues to develop modules to help victims of family violence.

29 Jun 2023

Pride: A retrospective

Alexandra Galea | Editorial Producer, ANZ

Pride month wasn’t always glitter and Drag Queens. Step back in time with this snapshot retrospective of Pride and learn how the LGBTIQ+ community of Australia fought successfully for equality.

21 Feb 2024

Taking a responsible approach to investing

Helen Skinner | Head of Responsible Investment, ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited

Getting responsible investing right is often a dialogue. This is how to get the conversation started.

01 Feb 2024

The cut and thrust of fairness in banking

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

ANZ Customer Fairness Advisor Evelyn Halls has received the Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division.

22 Aug 2023

Life lessons as a Matilda

Jeffrey Whalley | Journalist, ANZ

The little girl playing amid teams of boys became the Matilda facing hostile crowds in the world’s biggest stadiums. Now at ANZ, Selin Kuralay shares her journey and the lessons learnt.

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