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Rod Clement  is a well-known author, illustrator and cartoonist. He joins BlueNotes after an illustrious career at The Australian Financial Review

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editor's picks

05 Sep 2016

VIDEO: One swimmer, one team, many contributors

Ha Bui | BlueNotes contributing editor

Test and learn is one of the mantras of modern business but for disabled athletes it is an essential ingredient when there are no templates that translate directly from able bodied programs.

08 Sep 2016

The future of money is out of this world (but still in your pocket)

Brooke Hemphill | Editor, ADMA

In the not-too-distant future, banks will be jostling for attention alongside a new breed of digital-only financial providers able to move at the speed of light, powered by the latest in technological advances and a lack of legacy infrastructure.

12 Sep 2016

Taking the talking stick away from the men

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

When sociologist Dr Margaret Byrne filmed hundreds of hours of business meetings for her PHD on leadership 16 years ago, she discovered women’s voices were often ignored or silenced by interrupting men.