BlueNotes gets new look as we pass 100,000 readers

You spoke – and we listened. After your feedback and nine months’ experience, ANZ’s award-winning digital website for news, opinion and insight, BlueNotes, has a new and improved design.

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The update gives BlueNotes a fresh look that makes it cleaner, punchier and more user friendly with a sharper, more intuitive interface.  We have also amended the social elements to make sharing the BlueNotes stories you enjoy easier.

"What’s exciting is that our readership is growing rapidly and our content is regularly quoted in the mainstream media."
Paul Edwards, Group GM corporate communications

I encourage you to look around the new site and take in some of our latest stories including Andrew Cornell’s 'It takes more than two to tango in the new world of payments', Mike Smith’s opinion piece 'China FTA worth the wait' and a new video from Warren Hogan in 'There’s no housing bubble - yet'.

While on the subject of BlueNotes, it’s also worth mentioning that the site has hit a number of significant milestones. These include reaching:

  • 115,000 unique visitors to the site.
  • 2,700 external subscribers to the weekly newsletter including clients, investors, analysts, media, regulators and government representatives from across the 33 countries ANZ operates  in.
  • 1,450 Twitter followers.

What’s exciting is that our readership is growing rapidly and our content is regularly quoted in the mainstream media. 

Last month the total readership of BlueNotes increased by around 40 per cent. Newsletter subscribers are growing at over 20 per cent a month and followers of our Twitter account @ANZ_BlueNotes are now growing at around 30 per cent.

Much of this is down to your engagement as readers, so thank you!  We are also fortunate to have a many of our readers as contributors, either through articles or comments on BlueNotes and social media. I’d also like to acknowledge our BlueNotes team for their relentless hard work – managing editor Andrew Cornell, Jenny Farmer, Nicole Franklin and Shane White.

I hope you enjoy the new look of BlueNotes.

The views and opinions expressed in this communication are those of the author and may not necessarily state or reflect those of ANZ.

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