20 Jun 2017

Work needed to fulfil agtech promise in Aus

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Infrastructure needed to support AgTech has the potential to provide huge cost and efficiency savings.

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22 Jun 2017

Positive signs for China’s onshore financial market

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

Positive signs for China’s onshore financial market should incentivise Chinese regulators to further improve its regulatory transparency and oversight.

23 Jun 2017

Public sector announcement: we’re growing

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Underlying public demand is offsetting some of the weakness from Australia’s slowing mining investment.

21 Jun 2017

How to have hard conversations with clients

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

There’s a number of techniques you can use to make ‘courageous’ conversations at work easier.

21 Jun 2017

China Australia: A marriage of more than convenience

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The Australia China relationship is rarely out of the headlines – for better or worse. Both countries need each other.

20 Jun 2017

Podcast: Drones for good

David Lewis | Australian business professional and founder of The Mentor List

Catherine Ball argues drone technology is underutilised In the Mentor List’s latest podcast.

20 Jun 2017

NZ agri: there’s an app for that

Con Williams | Rural Economist NZ, ANZ

A technology tsunami is upon the primary sectors. What are the apps which will help?

15 Jun 2017

IN PICTURES: Banking, but retro

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

Flashback to the 60s or 70s and bank marketing looks a bit different, bluenotes reflects back on some historic ANZ posters.

19 Jun 2017

Agile is more than theatre: Carnegie

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Working agile requires business leaders to be much clearer about objectives, ANZ digital exec says.

19 Jun 2017

Malicious software demands your attention

Lynwen Connick | CISO, ANZ

With the dust settled around WannaCry, what are the lessons for businesses?

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16 Jun 2017

VIDEO: Japan’s maturing premium market

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Australian agriculture’s prospects are only growing in Japan, ANZ’s Grant Knuckey says.

14 Jun 2017

Q&A: payments, charity & loose change

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

Payment tech has changed the game for charitable giving. Shout’s Charlie Carpinteri and ANZ’s Bob Belan sit down to chat about the sector.

14 Jun 2017

Trusted intermediaries: banks vs FANGs

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Banking is essential to a modern economy but banks are not. Can FANGs fill the role?

15 Jun 2017

Microbiz looks to growth

Tim Honcoop | Account Director at DBM Consultants

Microbusinesses are less concerned with industry conditions compared with their larger counterparts.

14 Jun 2017

For people with a disability, media diversity can change lives

Meg Dalling | Lawyer, ANZ

We need more diversity in our media. Here are the groups making a difference.

09 Jun 2017

ChAFTA’s bright future

Alan Oxley | Managing Director, ITS Global

On the second anniversary of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement economic engagement is already deeper and broader.

08 Jun 2017

China’s risk-profile shift in five charts

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

China’s price-driven recovery which came on the back of the commodity super cycle is starting to lose steam.

02 Jun 2017

A cashless utopia? Dream on!

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

Although its share of usage continues to fall, cash will always play a part in our spending.

13 Jun 2017

NZ Truckometer: up, up and ok

Sharon Zollner | Associate Director & Senior Economist NZ, ANZ

Latest reading suggests NZ economy still has plenty of momentum.