25 May 2017

Leaders on becoming a leader

Katie Lahey | Executive Chairman, Korn Ferry Australasia

Senior execs share their experiences and pathways through organisations to the very top.

Top stories

26 May 2017

Five tech trends changing financial advice

Andrew Tucker | CEO, ITonCloud

We outline the key trends set to impact financial advisers in the next few years.

23 May 2017

VIDEO: success, the agile way

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ technology GE Gerard Florian speaks to bluenotes about the agile working experience.

26 May 2017

Five key factors in the energy outlook

Daniel Hynes | Senior Commodity Strategist, ANZ

It may seem chaotic but big themes are emerging coal and energy markets.

24 May 2017

The grass is greener across the ditch

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

In Australia pessimism about the outlook prevails. It’s a different story in NZ. Why?

23 May 2017

What’s powering the lithium boom?

Helen Clark | Freelance journalist & former Asian correspondent

Some $A500 million in Chinese investment has seen a sevenfold increase in lithium mines in WA.

23 May 2017

Under the hood of China’s AUM opportunity

Tim Moloney | Global Head, FX Investor Sales, ANZ

China’s asset-management sector expanded sixfold from 2012 to end 2016. The opportunity is massive and growing fast.

22 May 2017

VIDEO: The fintech battle is over

Jeff Kerr-Bell | bluenotes contributing editor

The landscape for financial services has changed but not everything is black and white.

22 May 2017

PODCAST: Disrupt yourself first

David Lewis | Australian business professional and founder of The Mentor List

It’s not just companies that disrupt, personal disruption can be just as powerful, author and influential management thinker Whitney Johnson explains.

19 May 2017


Rod Clement | Walkley Award-winning cartoonist

Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: modern payments.

More insights

16 May 2017

VIDEO: women don’t need fixing

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Launching her new book with bluenotes, Catherine Fox explains why women don’t need to be fixed – but the system does.

19 May 2017

Moving on from China in Latin America

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

Like Australia, South America is trying to deal with China's economic slowdown – and it’s an Australian opportunity.

16 May 2017

Why bluenotes is changing

Paul G Edwards | Publisher, BlueNotes

Business today not only needs to tell its story - it has to join the conversation.

19 May 2017

Building regional Australia - post Budget2017

Simone Stella | BlueNotes contributing editor

Jack Archer and Christine Linden sit down to dissect the emerging implications of the federal budget for regional Australia.

18 May 2017

Financial crime's dynamic duo: AUSTRAC & industry

Guy Boyd | Head of Financial Crime, ANZ

We speak to AUSTRAC CEO Paul Jevtovic on the relationship between regulators and the private industry.

18 May 2017

China further opens up bond market

Raymond Yeung, David Qu & Betty Rui Wang | ANZ Economists

China takes another significant step toward liberalising its financial system.

12 May 2017

Gay leaders and the power of role models

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

In business the penalties for being different have been all-too obvious. That’s slowly starting to change.

15 May 2017

How to capture the millennial market: go bush

Adele Fiene | Regional Executive, ANZ

For businesses in regional Australia, learning how to capture China’s expanding middle class is a ticket to success.

10 May 2017

ESG transparency crucial for biz: Elliott

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ has a responsibility to be transparent about its impacts, CEO says.