10 Aug 2017

Fun in Japan on ‘Premium Friday’

Elizabeth Masamune | Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

It’s always a challenge to order an improvement in morale - as Japan has found out.

18 Aug 2017

China’s new digital dividend

Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng | Distinguished Fellow at AGI & President, HKIIF

Sustaining rapid growth in China requires the country to keep moving up the global value chain.

17 Aug 2017

Soundbytes: the future of communication

Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

How long before Google starts asking the questions? We speak to two experts about how tech is changing the way we communicate.

18 Aug 2017

Mobile history: drive-up banking & more

James Wilson | bluenotes Contributor

In the first of our ANZ History Series, we take a look at the evolution of banking mobility.

16 Aug 2017

Why should banks be digital?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Banks need to be digital, on that all agree. But what does that actually mean? Robots, AI, branches in phones?

15 Aug 2017

Strong progress for ANZ in Q3: Elliott

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

CEO pleased with cost performance; operational changes; growth in loan book; lower RWAs.

14 Aug 2017

From farm to fridge, give or take 8000km

Guy Thompson | BlueNotes contributing editor

Bulla CEO Alan Hood talks to bluenotes about milking the opportunities for Australian dairy in Asia.

16 Aug 2017

INTERACTIVE: Asia? Not yet

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

Study finds biggest Australian companies are not yet properly equipped to succeed in Asia.

14 Aug 2017

Biz must adapt to tech as a service: Florian

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ tech GE says on video businesses must align with modern customer expectations.

11 Aug 2017

blueprints: from Pies to Patriots

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

The world’s 50 most-valuable sporting clubs are in a league of their own compared to teams in Australia.

More insights

14 Aug 2017

Trump the great trade disrupter

Tim Harcourt | Author, The Airport Economist

Australian exporters have serious concerns about the disruptive trade policies from the US.

14 Aug 2017

RBNZ: when in doubt, do nowt

Sharon Zollner | Associate Director & Senior Economist NZ, ANZ

The NZ Reserve Bank’s current estimate of the output gap is about zero – buts its range is pretty wide.

11 Aug 2017

From the clouds: Viet Nam’s aviation boom

Helen Clark | Freelance journalist & former Asian correspondent

The Vietnamese aviation sector is unrecognisable from 10 years ago and growth is only getting started.

10 Aug 2017

Wages, tech and the other half of the chessboard

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

We need to face the possibility tech has changed the fundamentals of growth.

08 Aug 2017

VIDEO: the agtech revolution starts with people

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Agriculture faces a generational opportunity as the next wave of farmers come from a deeper technological background.

07 Aug 2017

Australian manufacturing: room to grow

Phil Crouch | State Head Victoria and Tasmania, Regional Business Banking at ANZ

Industry must remain focused on export opportunities, high-quality products and international competitiveness.

03 Aug 2017

Is China’s rise shadowing ASEAN cheer?

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

New world order: policymakers at the ASEAN meet in Manila should pay close attention to China’s words and actions.

01 Aug 2017

ANZ focus is where we can win: Elliott

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

CEO says bank’s strategy is about intense focus and delivery in segments it can win.

02 Aug 2017

Is fintech back (and did you know it had gone)?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

For some, the fintech boom never subsided - but it’s clear its momentum and nature have shifted.


09 Aug 2017

Road transport: changed conditions ahead

Timothy Suffield | Associate Director, IIB, ANZ

Trucking needs $A3.5 billion in new capital over the next five years. Where will it come from?

20 Jul 2017

How to get millennials involved in their future

Erin Truscott | Adviser & shareholder at GCA Financial Pty Ltd

Research suggests millennials aren’t engaged with financial advice – but there are ways the profession can help.

01 Aug 2017

Japan: emerging from the lost decades?

Grant Knuckey | Chief Executive Officer, Japan, ANZ

Evidence suggests pervasive deflation has ended in Japan and the country is moving into a new normal.