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Not all financial institutions have the systems ability to populate their spread sheets with negative numbers.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

If low interests rates are good for the economy, surely negative rates are even better? Not so fast.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

24 Mar 2015

If done right, the rise of the AIIB could offer a new approach for Asia’s infrastructure financing.

Li-Gang Liu ANZ Chief Economist, Greater China

26 Mar 2015

China’s AIIB will change infrastructure finance but won’t replace the World Bank

Li-Gang Liu ANZ Chief Economist, Greater China

23 Mar 2015

​How do you hire the best - and is it worth it?

The most-competitive industries require the best talent but they're also the hardest ones to hire in. There are ways to improve your chances.

Sarah Court Head of Human Resources, Retail and Business Banking, NZ

18 Mar 2015

Gold in the Asian Century

Gold has fascinated through the centuries and the market outlook for the precious metal remains fascinating for investors. “East to El Dorado” untangles the complex forces at play.

Warren Hogan and Victor Thianpiriya Chief Economist and Commodity Strategist, ANZ Research

18 Mar 2015

Three things holding Australian business back

If Australia is to seize this opportunity of the Asian century and transform the economy we need to first look inward.

Mark Whelan Managing Director, Global Commercial Banking

25 Mar 2015

Good leaders need to know when to change

Changing a business can be hard but with the right attitude at the top change is easy, according to Microsoft's John Thompson.

Phoebe O’Sullivan BlueNotes Contributing Author

23 Mar 2015

Breathing life into biotech

The Verde Foundation director Jefferson Harcourt talks to BlueNotes about the importance of funding tech with the potential to become a gamechanger in healthcare.

Shane White Senior Production Editor

19 Mar 2015

Lack of women on boards restricts perspectives, outcomes

Eighty per cent of the top boardrooms in Australia are still made up of men. Among other first-world countries, Australia lags well behind.

Amanda Gome Head of digital and social media, ANZ

26 Mar 2015

Can you trust your bank?

Banks are in the business of trust but they haven't all done such a great job. How does trust work?

Lisa Henderson Head of Corporate & Commercial Marketing at ANZ

24 Mar 2015

The man who defined Singapore

Singapore's first Prime Minister defined the country's first half-century. Its people will define the next.

Glenn Maguire ANZ Chief Economist, South Asia, ASEAN & Pacific

18 Mar 2015

What’s so special about the China FTA?

The FTA plays to each country’s strengths and provides meaningful benefits to key parts of many Australian businesses.

Andrew Géczy CEO International and Institutional Banking, ANZ

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