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Creativity and innovation are processes, rather than places.

Fiona Smith Freelance leadership journalist

Does a slippery dip make you more creative or do you just need more thinking time?

Fiona Smith Freelance leadership journalist

02 Dec 2016

Too many employees today are waiting to be praised for their efforts by their boss or colleagues.

Mike Irving Performance coach

02 Dec 2016

One question great leaders ask staff - frequently

Mike Irving Performance coach

30 Nov 2016

Payments: beyond the pleasure and pain principle

Social networks are incredibly sophisticated behavioural design systems. Payments too are moving beyond simple, transparent transactions.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

25 Nov 2016


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: back-seat executives.

Rod Clement Walkley Award-winning cartoonist

29 Nov 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: Australia has chequed out

Australians have abandoned the use of cheques and the pace of desertion is increasing.

Shane White Senior production editor, BlueNotes

25 Nov 2016

India: it’s time to look west

India has a government with the ideas and determination to make dramatic change.

Richard Yetsenga Chief Economist, ANZ

24 Nov 2016

Big noting in India - cash on the knocker

India’s move on cash in the hidden economy is an opportunity for alternative payment methods.

Mike Ebstein Founder & Principal, MWE Consulting

02 Dec 2016

VIDEO: MasterChef Calombaris on tech, customers what matters in business

Business tech is vital for letting staff devote focus to customer experience, entrepreneur and chef says.

Phoebe O'Sullivan BlueNotes contributing editor

30 Nov 2016

Is the broker of the future a machine?

Customers looking for advice want a conversation with someone - not something -they trust. That’s as true for commercial banking as residential mortgages.

Cosi De Angelis GM Commercial Origination, Australia, ANZ

25 Nov 2016

LONGREAD: Why would you invest in fintech?

What would it take to be the much-vaunted Uber of Banking? Well, a lot more money, for a start according to a prominent venture capitalist who’s seen a constant flow of pitches.

Grant Halverson CEO, McLean Roche Consulting

28 Nov 2016

China won’t wait for Trump

The silver lining of a Trump presidency for Australia could be China’s new role in world trade.

Tony Walker Author & former editor

22 Nov 2016

Darwin and the saltwater people

Darwin’s proximity to Asia and a new wave of investment hold enormous promise if the potential can be realised. But climate – the physical and economic - is a challenge.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

02 Dec 2016

Four attitude-change areas to help Australians with a disability

A social and cultural shift to improve inclusion for people with a disability will provide benefits to the whole community.

Christine Linden General Manager, Regional Business Banking, ANZ

28 Nov 2016

High-tech NZ sailmaker tracks into the Stratis sphere

A Kiwi sailmaking company has woven themselves into the fabric of the global industry through smart innovation.

Sophie Speer BlueNotes contributing editor

21 Nov 2016

VIDEO: Don’t be afraid of disruption

The only way for banks to survive in the new world of fintech is by incorporating it into how they operate, IBM exec says.

Darren Sibson BlueNotes contributing editor

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Most Read

30 Nov 2016

A visit to China: beyond excess credit

ANZ chief economist Richard Yetsenga was in China for two weeks. Here are his initial thoughts and a VIDEO on what is happening on the ground.

Richard Yetsenga Chief Economist, ANZ

25 Nov 2016

VIDEO: the joint fight for financial literacy and inclusion

A group of Australian companies have made a shared commitment to improving financial inclusion for all.

Fred Ohlsson Group Executive, ANZ Australia