At a time of increasingly isolationist thinking, China’s commitment represents a huge opportunity for Australia.

Richard Holdcroft Freelance journalist

BRI is a multi-decade economic vision for the future that will evolve over time.

Richard Holdcroft Freelance journalist

23 Jan 2017

People often don’t treat hospitality like [a business]. You need to enable other people to do your job.

Michelle Duff Contributing editor, BlueNotes

23 Jan 2017

The secret ingredient to hospitality success

Michelle Duff BlueNotes contributing editor

19 Jan 2017

How to get the best value out of business travel

Over a third of businesses believe booking processes need to be improved. Here’s how.

Darrin Grafton CEO, Serko

17 Jan 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: How you spent Christmas 2016

What can a look at Christmas transaction data tell us about how we shop - and how it is changing?

Kath Bray Managing Director, Products, ANZ

13 Jan 2017

Globalisation in the rear-view mirror in 2017

It’s not all bad. Calls to restore a 20th-century industrial economy will create openings for intra-Asian regional consolidation and digital dominance for China.

Richard Yetsenga ANZ chief economist

10 Jan 2017

Open data – competition cuts both ways

Moves around open data in banking may end up being a double-edged sword for fintech.

Darren Abbruzzese General Manager, Data, ANZ

19 Dec 2016

BlueNotes Debate: trust, sustainability & corporate culture

Is business sustainable? Should companies have a purpose? Can you regulate culture? We put the big issues to four big names in business, community and regulation: Rickard, Redman, O'Brien, Elliott.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

17 Jan 2017

LONGREAD: Fiji’s next tourism adventure

Fiji has noted the growth of Chinese tourism and wants a bigger slice of the action.

Mark Skulley Freelance journalist

17 Jan 2017

Will banks be forgotten as tech giants move in?

People are warming to banking with tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple. What does this mean for traditional banks?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

10 Jan 2017

Deadly Ponies making luxury handbags in NZ

From collected leather scraps, Liam Bowden has crafted one of NZ’s most successful luxury fashion brands.

Michelle Duff Contributing editor, BlueNotes

13 Jan 2017

NZ Truckometer touches brakes; may indicate lane change for economy

The current growth momentum in NZ is very strong but the pace may be set to slow.

Sharon Zollner Associate Director & Senior Economist, ANZ NZ

09 Jan 2017

No end in sight to risk pressures on banks

The banking industry continues to tackle a 15-year transformation of risk management as new threats emerge.

Doug Nixon EY Oceania Financial Services Partner

23 Dec 2016

Summer content stocking: Elliott, Carnegie, Gonski

We speak to a box set of ANZ’s directors and senior executives to find out the content they’ll be consuming on their summer break.

Shayne Elliott, Maile Carnegie, David Gonski CEO, Group Executive Digital Banking & Chairman, ANZ

20 Jan 2017

A new resolve for New Year resolutions

It’s a pain in the Janus, but one set of New Year’s resolutions may not be enough.

Leo D'Angelo Fisher Freelance journalist

12 Jan 2017

Five keys to succeeding in the new China

Want to break into China? Start by being adaptable and building relationships – then move on to these ideas. And remember, China is changing.

Nick Henderson Director, Asialink Business’ China Practice

23 Dec 2016

LONGREAD: When nature did it first: the art and science of biomimicry

Looking at nature for design ideas is nothing new but it's finally coming into its own, ready to save both money and the world.

Drew Turney Freelance technology journalist

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16 Jan 2017

Tennis, testosterone and the winner effect

Nature primes winners to push on and keep winning and losers to withdraw and recover.

Matt Nicol BlueNotes contributing editor

11 Jan 2017

The complete UNDERBELLY 2016

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