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Marginal gain theory is about understanding every element of a system and making small improvements.

Tania Motton General Manager, Business Banking, ANZ Australia

There’s a deconstruction theory which is helping leaders win – both in the Tour de France and in businesses of all sizes.

Tania Motton ANZ General Manager, Business Banking Australia

19 Aug 2016

Cybercrime is the dark side of doing business in the digital age.

Craig Bromley Director, Client Solutions, Transaction Banking, ANZ

25 Aug 2016

Eight ways to protect your business from the cybercrime wave

Craig Bromley Director, Client Solutions, Transaction Banking, ANZ

23 Aug 2016

The shadows are lengthening in the financial sector

While the FSB have worked to shine a light on the global banking system, some emerging markets – including China - are still perched in the shade.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

22 Aug 2016

Why unaffordable housing costs us all in the end

Access to property in countries like Australia and New Zealand is easier said than done.

Jean-Paul Pelosi Freelance journalist

16 Aug 2016

Something’s brewing in NZ’s craft beer market

The latest Beervana achieved the perfect circle as the New Zealand craft beer industry raises a glass to another year of success.

Pete Barnao & Linda Townsend BlueNotes contributing editors

17 Aug 2016

Automation and the industries with the most to lose

Here are five sectors where robots could take over.

Matthew Egan Writer, Tech Exec

15 Aug 2016

China, Australia urged to deepen ties

New ACJER report calls for major broadening of economic and political relationship between two nations.

Greg Earl Ex-foreign correspondent and Asia editor

11 Aug 2016

Is long-term sustainable value a reality or myth?

The reality is our public companies are generally unsustainable. Something has to give.

John McFarlane Chairman Barclays Bank, TheCityUk

25 Aug 2016

Keep your non-polyester shirt on: the strong outlook for cotton

Global cotton demand continues to grow, meaning the immediate outlook for most Australian producers a profitable one.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia, ANZ

23 Aug 2016

Should you hire robots?

Business leaders need to respond employee concerns about automation. Here’s how.

Sarah Dunn Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Taiwan

22 Aug 2016

VIDEO: How big data becomes big value

A firm grasp of analytics will become increasingly vital for businesses – and professionals – in the future.

Angie Simmonds BlueNotes contributing editor

16 Aug 2016

Will fintech force banks off the road?

The auto revolution was slow at first and then cars were everywhere. Do banks face the same fate as the horse and cart?

Tareq Muhmood CEO Korea & Managing Director Global Subsidiaries, ANZ

16 Aug 2016

How much is too much bank capital?

Ultimately, all regulators care about is making sure banks don’t fail and play their role in financing economies.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

11 Aug 2016

Eminence in a digital world

A formal eminence program can help companies identify and amplify outperformers for mutual benefit.

Andrew Grill Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting

19 Aug 2016


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: all the King’s men.

Rod Clement Author, illustrator & cartoonist

19 Aug 2016

The case for climate and electricity policy integration

It is imperative Australian policymakers integrate climate change and electricity policy to ensure the national energy market is fit for purpose.

Dr Tim Nelson Head of Economics, Policy and Sustainability, AGL & Adjunct Associate Professor, Griffith University

12 Aug 2016

ASEAN as important as ever: Bishop

Australian foreign minister says ASEAN region remains a huge, growing investment opportunity for Australian businesses.

Anna Green CEO of ANZ Laos

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23 Aug 2016

The risks and opportunities climate change poses for business

By not correctly assessing the impact of climate change you risk the sustainable growth for your business going forward.

Katharine Tapley Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions at ANZ (Acting)

19 Aug 2016

Hatching new SME concepts in Beijing

The Hatchery is a start-up incubator with a difference – an incubator space where restaurant entrepreneurs can test their menus.

Guy Thompson BlueNotes contributing editor

11 Aug 2016

IN PICTURES: One family, one farm and 150 years

We speak a family which has survived four generations through market, climate and consumer cycles.

Sarah-Jane Bashford & Marise Hurley BlueNotes contributing editors