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[Corporate social responsibility] should be considered shareholder or financier responsibility.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor

Quasi financial measures like triple bottom lines and double ROIs come and go but the underlying reality that profits are not independent of social responsibility is even truer when it comes to the environment.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

01 Sep 2015

An up-front fee has no basis in logic … Australia's depositor preference arrangements mean the risk of loss to taxpayers from the Financial Claims Scheme is negligible.

Kevin Davis Research Director of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and member of the Financial System (Murray) Inquiry

02 Sep 2015

Murray Inquiry member welcomes decision on bank deposit levy

Kevin Davis Research Director of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and member of the Financial System (Murray) Inquiry

28 Aug 2015

Social enterprise: business or philanthropy?

Philanthropy is being corporatised, witness the emergence of categories like “impact investing”. So where does social enterprise fit into the increasingly connected worlds of for-profit and not-for-profit business.

Tracee Hutchison CEO Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

25 Aug 2015

What else is behind the fall in bank share prices?

Banks, particularly when they've had a run, are often hit harder in market corrections. They're bellwethers for economies. But there's another nagging issue with bank stocks.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

21 Aug 2015

NZ's craft brewers go froth and multiply

New Zealand’s burgeoning ranks of craft brewers have a message in a bottle for discerning beer consumers on foreign shores: they’re confident, they’ve got a world class product and it’s coming to a bar, restaurant or liquor outlet near you.

Pete Barnao Communications Manager, Media | ANZ NZ

02 Sep 2015

Why we will happily pay for news

The news market is adapting to the changes brought by the internet but commercial models remain elusive. A 'clearing house' might be the answer - for owners and readers.

Jason Murphy Publisher, Thomas the Think Engine

31 Aug 2015

Will market volatility stall China's liberalisation plan?

Will China prioritise economic stability over currency liberalisation? ANZ Economists Li-Gang Liu and Richard Yetsenga share with BlueNotes their frank insights on the outlook for China's currency and financial market reforms.

Li-Gang Liu and Richard Yetsenga Chief Economist, Greater China & Global Head of Financial Markets Research

28 Aug 2015

Digital transformation in four (not so) easy steps: Part One

The corporate world has come to understand it must be digital. But what does that mean? Really, what does it actually mean in practice? Strategy& analyses the reality.

Maxim Sharshun & Stephen Reilly Engagement Manager & Director | PwC Strategy&

01 Sep 2015

Introducing the ANZ Stateometer: Big states pull away from the pack

ANZ Research has developed a new “whole of economy" view of Australia. Overall there's cause for optimism – but not in every state. And there are some surprises.

Cherelle Murphy and Kirk Zammit Co-Head of Australian Economics & Economist | ANZ Research

27 Aug 2015

Is it time to head for the exits? Economists make the call

There's been no shortage of excitement on global markets but is there a deeper, more enduring malaise with global outlook? A panel of economists pondered the outlook.

Warren Hogan Chief Economist, ANZ

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28 Aug 2015

Beefing it up in China

Australia has a world class reputation for high value, clean and green red meat. But is that what China wants?

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia | ANZ