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Believing in the side that effectively says it’s the men’s fault won’t change a thing.

Big crowd at 2015’s first BlueNotes debate declares the lack of women’s visibility in the workplace everyone’s problem.

02 Mar 2015

The ability to articulate your value and be able to show what you can achieve is important.

Anne Collard ANZ's global head of digital channels and implementation

27 Feb 2015

Being visible is key to being a leader

Victoria Kanevsky BlueNotes Contributing Author

04 Mar 2015

What could Silicon Harbour do for fintech in Australia?

Financial Services Knowledge Hub another feather in the cap for a city at the epicentre of the Australian industry.

Jayne Opperman General Manager, Technology Retail, Commercial and Wealth

03 Mar 2015

The missing link for women in leadership

In the quest to get more women into senior leadership roles, increasing their visibility may be the key.

Amanda Gome Head of digital and social media, ANZ

03 Mar 2015

Too big to fail or too big to manage?

Bank investors monitor credit risk and market risk but the scale of fines now being levied for misconduct means operational risk is on the watch list more and more.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

05 Mar 2015

Say goodbye to global banking behemoths?

Sustained pressure on global bank margins could drive smaller, stronger, more focussed and less connected financial entities.

Sally Reid Global head of IIB Portfolio Management, ANZ

03 Mar 2015

Under the blazing blue

With swathes of New Zealand's South Island in drought, farmers are looking to the sky for rain and at strategies to get them through. Elizabeth Hayes, who has a dairy farm in one of the worst-hit areas, talks to BlueNotes about every farmer's nightmare.

Elizabeth Hayes Dairy Farmer

27 Feb 2015

The long shadow

Families are complex and the way family and business life interact, for all the talk of balance, has many layers of complexity.

Jo Mikleus Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, ANZ

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05 Mar 2015

Cracking the confidence code – Time to move on from thinking “you were just lucky”

Suzette Corr read "The Confidence Code" and drew some key ideas to promote the advance of women in the workforce.

Suzette Corr Group GM Talent & Culture and GM Human Resources Australia at ANZ

04 Mar 2015

The recipe for an international restaurant business empire

Luke Mangan left school at 15. He now runs a food industry conglomerate turning over $75 million a year, employing 650 people. How does he stand the heat?

Peter Wilmoth Award winning journalist

27 Feb 2015

Virtual leadership requires real leadership

Those elements that traditionally have brought work places together don’t always work in virtual offices. But new tools can help.

Tareq Muhmood Managing Director, Global Diversified Industries, Global Banking

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