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As urbanisation and industrialisation increases in Vietnam, there is also an urgent need to improve quality and efficiency.

Christina Tonkin Managing Director Global Loans & Advisory at ANZ

Two very different economies in different parts of the world have a shared challenge: water.

Christina Tonkin Managing Director Global Loans & Advisory at ANZ

26 Nov 2015

Banks still have everything to play for here, and developing a strong P2P payments service now will lay the tracks for further growth and payments evolution in future.

Robert Walls Head of Product, Visa Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific at Visa

30 Nov 2015

P2P and Australia's payments gap

Robert Walls

30 Nov 2015

Profiting from trust

Regulators are increasingly focussed on trust. Organisations should pay attention, not out of fear but because trust is good business.

Andrew Cornell Andrew Cornell

26 Nov 2015

AI agents: the next step in cybersecurity

A new kind of cyber protection can learn lessons without the need for a human programmer.

Drew Turney

25 Nov 2015

Employing people with disability is good (for business)

There's a whole stack of assumptions when it comes to employing people with disabilities that are costing employers money.

Graeme Innes

24 Nov 2015

Is the blockchain defecting from Bitcoin to the banks?

Bitcoin would not exist without the “blockchain” distributed ledger platform. Now the financial system is increasingly recognising that doesn't mean blockchain needs Bitcoin.

Andrew Cornell Andrew Cornell

18 Nov 2015

Three industries facing a TPP shakeup

The TPP will impact many sectors differently as global supply chains pivot to take advantage.

Roland Randall

27 Nov 2015

A vision for a stable financial future

Understanding savings goals is important, particularly for people who haven't had access to formal financial services.

Vosawale Tamani

30 Nov 2015

The new kind of Kiwi home

Meet the man behind the company building thousands of new NZ homes in an innovative and revolutionary way.

Sophie Speer

25 Nov 2015

ANZ style and tactics will change, Asia presence won’t

Incoming CEO Shayne Elliott has just spent a week with offshore investors. He runs through the key issues - strategy, dividend, regulation – on video with BlueNotes.

Andrew Cornell Andrew Cornell

23 Nov 2015

Before doing business in India, you must eat

Doing business in India requires going there. Get your feet on the ground. Come a lot.

Nicola Watkinson

23 Nov 2015

Inflation globalises, Australian inflation falls

Central bank still likely to loosen monetary policy in first half of 2016.

Joanne Masters

17 Nov 2015

How much will the kitchen sink your renovation budget?

Cost of renovating spiked through 2015 as owners took advantage of a roaring housing market.

Chris Kelly

30 Nov 2015

The future of sustainable agriculture

Modern food sustainability should be limited to technical optimisation or cost efficiency.

Andrew Cornell Andrew Cornell

25 Nov 2015

Women: change or miss the top jobs

Being visible and social helps women achieve their business goals and get promoted but many lack the skills and mindset to change.

Amanda Gome Amanda Gome

19 Nov 2015

Japan, AirBnB and the devil in the detail

Tourism is booming in Japan but the homestay sector has been tied down by regulation – until now. But is it really changing?

Terrie Lloyd

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27 Nov 2015

RMB reserves place among the elite

Inclusion in the IMF's SDR will signal a number of key changes over time for the RMB.

Daniel Everett

23 Nov 2015

NZ or Australia – who is the luckier country?

New Zealand produces protein and views, while Australia produces iron ore and coal. Who will be better off in the Asian century?

Bernard Hickey Bernard Hickey

17 Nov 2015

A dressing down for dress down Friday

An encouragement of a more informal workplace? Or an insidious plot to lower the standards of civilisation in general and workplace productivity in particular? Tie-ing one on Casual Friday.

Leo D'Angelo Fisher