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People already have smart phones but is it more convenient than the existing card?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

Some new ways to pay, like tap’n’go, have simply exploded in popularity. But even with the marketing genius of Apple on board, mobile payments are unlikely to go the same way.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

24 Feb 2015

No matter the region, there is a simple recipe for success: offer good customer service on a personal level.

Andrew Carlton Vice president of customer service at American Express

25 Feb 2015

The simple key to business success at home and abroad

Andrew Carlton Vice president of customer service at American Express

27 Feb 2015

Being visible is key to being a leader

One of Asia’s most influential women urges aspirational leaders to articulate their value in the workplace.

Victoria Kanevsky BlueNotes Contributing Author

26 Feb 2015

Why inclusive employment is a strategic asset

Financial inclusion programs like ANZ’s ‘Given the Chance’ hand banks a strategic edge.

Phil Chronican CEO ANZ Australia

20 Feb 2015

BlueNotes Debate – The Outlook for 2015 Part Two: Stress Points

In the second part of BlueNotes’ roundtable debate with regional corporate advisory representatives, our experts point to the weak spots they see ahead in 2015.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Feb 2015

The long shadow

Families are complex and the way family and business life interact, for all the talk of balance, has many layers of complexity.

Jo Mikleus Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, ANZ

24 Feb 2015

China growth – the reality behind the headline numbers

Choose your comparison: China’s growth rate is falling or China’s economy is adding six New Zealands a year. There’s a common statistical misconception behind much China slowdown reporting.

Jason Murphy Publisher, Thomas the Think Engine

23 Feb 2015

ANZ’s expertise can help the Pacific: Mohan

The CEO of ANZ’s operations in the Pacific says the bank can offer valuable infrastructure experience to the region.

Phoebe O'Sullivan BlueNotes Contributing Author

27 Feb 2015

Virtual leadership requires real leadership

Those elements that traditionally have brought work places together don’t always work in virtual offices. But new tools can help.

Tareq Muhmood Managing Director, Global Diversified Industries, Global Banking

25 Feb 2015

Australia’s major project spend in decline

The wind down of Australia’s resource investment boom is eroding the outlook for major project investment, a trend exacerbated by weakened commodity prices.

Dylan Eades and Justin Fabo ANZ Research

18 Feb 2015

The big returns on social investment

Social investment programs can provide tangible returns to businesses but also something far beyond monetary value.

Jane Nash Group Head of Corporate Sustainability and Financial Inclusion at ANZ

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