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The sheep industry has a strong future and considerable scope to grow.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia, ANZ

ANZ report forecasts surge in demand for lamb over the coming decades.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia, ANZ

23 Sep 2016

We see users responding very well to a highly personalised experience on mobile Taobao.

Daniel Zhang Alibaba chief executive

22 Sep 2016

The rise and rise of Alibaba’s shopping app Taobao

Peter Cai International Banking Service Manager, ANZ

19 Sep 2016

LONGREAD: silver linings over the Swan

The resources investment boom is dead and buried. To prosper, WA must find new markets or improve existing ones.

Helen Clark Freelance journalist & former Asian correspondent

20 Sep 2016

The differing outlooks for NZ agriculture

Conditions in NZ agri sector continue to tread both sides of the divide. So where are the opportunities and challenges?

Con Williams Rural Economist, ANZ NZ

16 Sep 2016

China spreads its RMB wings

China’s ambitions for the RMB are growing but the currency still has a long way to travel.

Daniel Everett Global Head RMB, Strategy & Execution, ANZ

15 Sep 2016

Four economic postcards from the US

We share key insights from on the ground and behind the headlines in the US at a volatile time for the country.

Mark Rider Head of Investment Strategy & Portfolio Management, ANZ Wealth

13 Sep 2016

The negativity of negative interest rates

The central banks driving rates negative in a bid to lift growth are the same ones wary of unintended consequences.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

12 Sep 2016

CASE STUDY: Tales from the ESN trenches

In the right hands at the right time, information can dramatically impact the performance of a business.

Sue-Ellen Atherton Contributing editor, BlueNotes

09 Sep 2016

Will driverless cars break the banks?

Insurance, real estate, loans and small to medium-sized business funding all face a shakeup due to autonomous vehicles.

Craig Ridley Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services

21 Sep 2016

LONGREAD: Is Japan a boiling frog?

How Japan’s public debt crisis will be resolved is unknown – but however it happens, expect it before 2020.

Dr David Morgan MD, JC Flowers & Co

20 Sep 2016

Disrupters: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (or buy ‘em)

Major companies are setting up their own corporate venture capital funds and changing the way VC works.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

16 Sep 2016


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: strings.

Rod Clement Author, illustrator & cartoonist

14 Sep 2016

China has mortgage issues, not a property bubble

A cyclical upturn in property prices is not a sign of a real-estate bubble.

Raymond Yeung Chief Economist, Greater China, ANZ

13 Sep 2016

In vino veritas (and profits) in NZ

The strength of Kiwi wine is providing a new source of growth for the country’s agribusiness sector and reputation for premium food and beverage products.

Con Williams Rural Economist, ANZ NZ

13 Sep 2016

Indonesia’s underrated economic lynchpin

Surabaya could yet play a critical role in the expansion and transformation of Indonesia’s economy.

Greg Earl Ex-foreign correspondent & Asia editor

09 Sep 2016

LONGREAD: how the world is being digitised

You've heard of 3D printing and modelling. But they are barely the tip of the next revolution in the industrial world.

Drew Turney Freelance journalist

19 Sep 2016

It’s good business to put things right

Customer-focused remediation makes good business sense but needs to be rigorous and structured.

Kylie Rixon Chief Risk Officer, ANZ Wealth Australia & ANZ Digital

15 Sep 2016

The key to successful savings programs

The magic of saving can change lives. Many programs set out to help people develop a savings habit - here are some key things a good program needs.

Professor Roslyn Russell Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University

09 Sep 2016

Obama, Lagarde and making business easier at ASEAN

The key themes on the ground at the recent ASEAN business and investment summit were clear.

Anna Green CEO Laos, ANZ

09 Sep 2016

How China celebrated its yuaniversary

It’s been more than a year since big changes in the yuan signalled China’s long game. What has happened in that time?

Daniel Everett Global Head of RMB, Strategy & Execution, ANZ

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16 Sep 2016

Pokémon Go is still going - but what have we learned?

While not true AR, the use of Pokémon Go poses important questions for businesses in the future.

Joo Kim Bullock BlueNotes contributing editor

14 Sep 2016

How the rising sun shines on the long white cloud

New Zealand’s focus on Chinese investment has obscured one of the largest cumulative investors in NZ over the last 30 years.

Grant Knuckey CEO, ANZ Japan

12 Sep 2016

Taking the talking stick away from the men

For women, the struggle to be heard is what a blokey management culture looks like in practise.

Fiona Smith Freelance leadership journalist