23 Oct 2017

Megatrends: the next 10 years vs last 50, Pt 1

Damien Klassen | Head of Investments at Nucleus Wealth

A look at the relentless demographic and structural undercurrents which will drive markets in the future.

23 Oct 2017

Notes on banking accessibility

Fred Ohlsson | Group Executive, ANZ Australia

As payment tech develops, banks and regulators must be vigilant in ensuring methods stays accessible for the whole community.

18 Oct 2017

The languages of NZ stories

Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

In Chinese Language Week, we speak to a NZ SME owner who understands the importance of understanding culture.

19 Oct 2017

Want change to succeed? Learn what to forget

Alicia Aitken & Greg Szopa | bluenotes contributors

Atlassian R&D head Dom Price shares the secret to staying relevant within businesses experiencing rapid transformation.

19 Oct 2017

The size of the Asian opportunity has doubled

Mark Hand | Managing Director Corporate & Commercial Banking, ANZ

The size of the Asian opportunity for Australian businesses has doubled in the last 12 months to $A278 billion.

16 Oct 2017

Kiribati’s story on the front lines

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

Kiribati's growth comes as the nation stares down the spectre of climate change.

18 Oct 2017

LONGREAD: China’s green shift and how Australia should respond

John A Mathews | Professor of strategy at MGSM, Macquarie University

China has adopted a new energy strategy with determination and ambition. Australia needs to position itself strategically.

17 Oct 2017

ANZ still committed to wealth customers: George

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ sells OnePath to IOOF in deal which will separate super and insurance arms.

09 Oct 2017

Apple iPhone X - the mobile banking era is over

Carina Parisella | Senior Manager Strategic Engagement, ANZ

Banking is now about convenience – and it’s up to banks to learn where the friction points are.

13 Oct 2017

In payments, fraud never changes

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

The way we pay is changing rapidly but one thing endures: risk.

More insights

13 Oct 2017

Scope for growth in NZ, ASEAN trade

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

NZ trade with ASEAN is growing but there are several potential areas it can be enhanced.

10 Oct 2017

Blockchain reaction

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Cryptocurrencies are copping flak but nobody is calling foul on blockchain – and the reasons are numerous.

10 Oct 2017

Why GDP and welfare are parting company

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Something is up with wage growth around the world – and that something could be technology.

12 Oct 2017

Building a world-class NPP

Adrian Lovney | CEO at NPP Australia

Australia’s payments system, much of it decades old, is moving into the real-time world.

10 Oct 2017

Attracting cyber talent crucial: Connick

Erica Hardinge | Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

ANZ CISO talks on video and podcast about the skills shortage in cybersecurity – and the risks if the issue isn’t solved.

16 Oct 2017

New world order: a bridge to China

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

Shifting power balances and China’s developing BRI presents key decisions for the next Australian government.

02 Oct 2017

Leaders, bring out your audacity

Dr Alicia Fortinberry | Writer, speaker and best-selling co-author.

Developing a learning and growth mindset in yourself and others in times of uncertainty requires stepping outside your comfort zone.

06 Oct 2017

How culture connects Kiwi biz to history

Briar McCormack | bluenotes contributor

With New Zealand’s Asian population set to double in the next 25 years, embracing cultural traditions are an important part of business.

03 Oct 2017

REALas, start-ups and learning to talk corporate

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ has acquired property pricing startup REALas – we speak to the founder on podcast and video.


10 Oct 2017

Making (internet) friends in Japan

Terrie Lloyd | CEO, Japan Travel KK

The Japanese are private people and social media in the region plays to its own tune.

18 Sep 2017

Agility is the new workplace currency

Anouk De Blieck | General Manager, Human Resources, ANZ

The workplace of the future won’t be fixed - it will be virtual and flexible – and workers will need to adapt.

04 Oct 2017

Regulators vow to be more cultured

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Culture’s hard to create – and maintain – but shouldn’t be written off as unmanagable.


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Leaders, bring out your audacity
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