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Your PMR is the one time of the year you get to really highlight your value to the organisation in which you work.

Anna Corr Executive Director, Head of Research & Analysis in Australia at ANZ

PMRs can dictate your future at the organisation. How do you make sure you walk out in better professional shape then you walked in?

Anna Corr Executive Director, Head of Research & Analysis in Australia at ANZ

02 May 2016

[The change in the application of accounting policy for technology] reflects a discipline we want to have across the business

Graham Hodges ANZ Acting CFO

03 May 2016

Hodges: cost focus already paying off, new view on modern technology

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

04 May 2016

Australian Commonwealth Budget 2016-17: the balancing act

BlueNotes & ANZ Research's coverage of the 2016 Australian Federal Budget.

ANZ Research

02 May 2016

You wouldn’t meet about it

OK, so it’s a fantasy that meetings will disappear. But they can be value adding if run properly. Most aren’t.

Leo D’Angelo Fisher Freelance journalist

26 Apr 2016

Grey innovation: disrupting age stereotypes in fintech

The average age of entrepreneurs in Australia is 45. In the UK it’s 47 and in the USA, 40.

Juliet Bourke Partner, Deloitte

26 Apr 2016

Why policy needs to adapt to the sharing economy

The prize for nailing the sharing economy is large and governments should be getting out of its way.

Dr Jim Minifie Productivity Growth Program Director, Grattan institute

19 Apr 2016

When banks lose the will to live

New regulation is designed to keep banks healthy but what happens when they develop a fatal malaise?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Apr 2016

Funding a sustainable future – debt but not as we know it

Climate change, urbanisation, feeding the world – multi-generational challenges will require new ideas in the financial system.

Mara Bun Resilience Consultant, Green Cross Australia

03 May 2016

Core ANZ business remains strong; restructuring for sustainable earnings: Elliott

CEO says bank operations robust and a move to reduce the dividend about resetting expectations, providing a sustainable base for future.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

02 May 2016

The NPP, fraud and spies (vs spies)

The best payments systems find the perfect balance between usability, customer experience and safety. How does Australia’s NPP stack up?

Shane White BlueNotes senior editor

28 Apr 2016

ANZ to offer Apple Pay as digital disruption accelerates

ANZ’s Fred Ohlsson and Matt Boss discuss launch of payments service and how the payments sector is evolving.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Apr 2016

It’s not the best of times. But not the worst either – mixed messages on the economy

Cross-border banking activity is a sure indicator of global economic activity and it doesn’t look good. But actually those who steer such activity, finance officers, are a bit happier.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

21 Apr 2016

Greater confidence in banks helps everyone: Ohlsson

The banking industry has released a six-point action plan aimed at bolstering consumer confidence in banking. ANZ Australia head Fred Ohlsson gives his view.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

22 Apr 2016

A new era of Japanese investment in Australia

Early waves of post-war Japanese investment in Australia resources paved the way for the industry of today. Now a new set of Japanese investors are looking at resources in a different way.

Yoshi Inoue Head of Specialised Finance Japan, ANZ

03 May 2016

Whelan: very tough conditions but refocus already showing results

ANZ institutional head says bank already seeing result from more disciplined customer focus and higher-return businesses despite “perfect storm” of headwinds.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Apr 2016

The moving parts of Australian bank wholesale funding costs

International investors are the price setters for bank wholesale funding - and they don’t focus on domestic politics.

Philip Bayley Industry Fellow, Monash University

22 Apr 2016

Five habits of a successful reverse mentorship

Reverse mentors can provide broader perspectives and insight in a mutually beneficial partnership – a true win-win.

Anouk De Blieck General Manager, Human Resources at ANZ

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02 May 2016

The fintech revolution is here and fintechs are being squeezed

The big banks are joining with Apple and Android and many others – making it tougher for other disruptors to disrupt.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

26 Apr 2016

Everyone loses: why can’t female entrepreneurs secure funding?

Difficulty in accessing funding is not helping women or banks. Something has to change.

Cynthia Balogh National Program Manager, Women in Global Business, Austrade

18 Apr 2016

Five trends critical for digital success – and they all involve people

Can human employees still provide value in a world driven by machines?

Jane Livesey Managing Director, Accenture Technology in Australia and New Zealand