21 Sep 2017

Playing the long game on China

Alan Mitchell | former economics editor of The Australian Financial Review

China is a long-term project for Australian investment but acting now to strengthen investment policy is paramount.

21 Sep 2017

Seven steps to smooth CEO switches for start-ups

Tony Rossano | Senior client partner and head of Global Technology Markets Practice at Korn Ferry Asia Pacific

CEO succession in start-ups is markedly different from anywhere else.

21 Sep 2017

Big data, big opportunity for SMEs

Briar McCormack | bluenotes contributor

Once a tool strictly for high street, big data SMEs are making use of the opportunities big data presents.

21 Sep 2017

SMEs: social is where your customers are

Guy Mendelson | General Manager, Small Business Banking at ANZ

In an increasingly competitive SME space reaching customers is more important than ever. Social media is an opportunity – if done correctly.

18 Sep 2017

Energy security needs national leadership

Mark Stone | Chief Executive at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Rising power costs are felt by everyone – but the impact they have on small businesses can be devastating.

19 Sep 2017

Oh what a feeling, agile working

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ’s Colin Neave recalls his time at Toyota where a shift to a new way of work saw the company top the marketplace.

19 Sep 2017

Banking on climate change

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

There is another front - beyond politics and risk - for would-be financiers in the energy debate.

19 Sep 2017

The outlook for soft commodities

Mark Bennett | Head of Australian Agribusiness, ANZ

Spring is here and all eyes turn to forecasts for wheat, beef, dairy and more.

18 Sep 2017

Agility is the new workplace currency

Anouk De Blieck | General Manager, Human Resources, ANZ

The workplace of the future won’t be fixed - it will be virtual and flexible – and workers will need to adapt.

18 Sep 2017

Growth backers: financing Asia’s rapid expansion

Carl Roberts | Head of ANZ Loan Syndications for South & Southeast Asia.

An infrastructure investment gap is opening up in Asia challenges regarding the availability and pricing of capital are increasing.

More insights

19 Sep 2017

WA zooms in on Asia

Kathleen Jahour | Head of Regional Business Banking WA, ANZ

Budget initiatives could help to fuel renewed economic prosperity in WA’s regional areas.

19 Sep 2017

Bitter butter battle brewing in NZ?

Sharon Zollner | Associate Director & Senior Economist NZ, ANZ

High European prices due to falling product and low inventories are affecting the domestic market.

14 Sep 2017

Are the bulls finally running out of energy?

Mark Rider | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

It’s been 10 years since the GFC and the strength in markets endures. But for how long?

14 Sep 2017

On history and breaking into your own bank

James Wilson | bluenotes Contributor

ANZ isn’t a 200-year old startup, but has a similar story of humble origins.

12 Sep 2017

Is Tasmania fit for purpose?

Chris Sparks | Regional Executive, Regional Business Banking Tasmania, ANZ

Ongoing investment required to stabilise and improve Australia’s healthcare system.

12 Sep 2017

Singapore: New Zealand’s open gateway to ASEAN

David Green | CEO Singapore and Head of South East Asia, India & Middle East, ANZ

New Zealand and Singapore have strong economic ties – but their joint ties to the region are vastly greater.

08 Sep 2017

Trump and an ill-defined world

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

For many, the American president espouses views at best unformed – but the system has checks.

07 Sep 2017

Can Aus afford to be choosers on foreign investment?

Mark Bennett | Head of Australian Agribusiness, ANZ

Resistance to foreign investment in agriculture Australia risks costing the country on the global stage, expert suggests.

15 Sep 2017

blueprints: anatomy of a disaster

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

Explore our interactive infographic to discover the financial and psychological burdens of natural disasters.


07 Sep 2017

Unlocking the growth potential of Australia’s medium-sized businesses

Tania Motton | ANZ General Manager, Business Banking Australia

Australia’s medium-sized businesses are shrinking in number but their potential is enormous.

08 Sep 2017

Australia, can we call you fair on equality?

Harsh Vardhan | Manager, Strategic Risk & Enablement, ANZ

As we stand at an important juncture in Australian history advice can be found in the national song.

05 Sep 2017

Carnegie on data, analytics & Sputnik

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Companies need to realise the scope of the change presented by analytics quickly – and for some it’s already too late.


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