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By 2030, services can become Australia’s number-one export to Asia in terms of total value added.

CEO Australia and MD Global Commercial Banking, ANZ

The future of Australia’s export industry is in services, which could support a million extra Australian jobs by 2030.

CEO Australia and MD Global Commercial Banking, ANZ

17 Apr 2015

Safeguarding our communities is a joint responsibility... we can all play a role.

Mark Evans Chief compliance officer, ANZ

14 Apr 2015

Four ways to safeguard business from financial crime

Mark Evans Chief compliance officer, ANZ

14 Apr 2015

Happy cows = happy staff

Leaders must ensure the right environment exists in their business for staff to realise their potential.

Anouk De Blieck Hong Kong-based General Manager Human Resources, ANZ

09 Apr 2015

Does your company need digital surgery?

Companies built decades ago cannot just be tweaked to survive in a digital world, MIT Sloan’s Peter Weill argues. They must be rebuilt.

Phoebe O’Sullivan BlueNotes Contributing Author

10 Apr 2015

India: The Asia Pacific’s most aggressive spender

In a survey of company spending and investment plans for the next year, one country stood out clearly from the pack.

Jennifer Farmer Editorial Producer

17 Apr 2015

The Mass Affluent: still desirable, still on the market

For decades, banks have recognised most of their profits come from a small proportion of customers – and most of them are known as “mass affluent”. But customer offerings remain poorly focussed.

Maxim Sharshun Senior Associate at Strategy&

13 Apr 2015

A payments letter from America

Letters may now be called snail mail but in this “letter” payments expert Steve Worthington notes the snail is still alive and well in the American payments industry.

Steve Worthington Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University

14 Apr 2015

Anti-corruption in the North but anti-growth in the South

Money laundering and the funding of terrorism are politically hot in developed countries, the damaging side effects on emerging markets of measures to stop them are too easily ignored.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

15 Apr 2015

Mike Smith: Asia’s importance has been undersold - not oversold

As Australia shifts from a resources-led relationship with Asia, our place in the region has never been more important to our future.

Mike Smith Chief Executive Officer ANZ

15 Apr 2015

A Note from the BlueNotes Publisher...

BlueNotes is part of an epochal shift in corporate communications – and the media – publisher and veteran comms operative Paul Edwards delivers a stark warning about the new world.

Paul Edwards Group General Manager Corporate Communications, ANZ

08 Apr 2015

Is Thailand still an attractive business destination?

Political unrest, natural disasters, credit risk, what's to like about Thailand as an investment destination. Plenty, remarkably enough – including consistent economic growth.

Warwick Kneale Managing Partner Baker Tilly Corporate Advisory Services (Thailand)

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