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Food production needs to increase by as much as 51% by 2050 to meet the increasing consumption.

Michael Whitehead Director, Industry Insights, Agribusiness at ANZ

Financial return and demand for security will see big changes in the market for food, beverage and agriculture.

Michael Whitehead Director, Industry Insights, Agribusiness at ANZ

02 Feb 2016

We expect China's GDP will see a V-shaped rebound in 2018 once the reform dividend materialises.

Raymond Yeung Senior economist at ANZ

03 Feb 2016

China's 'V' for recovery ahead

Raymond Yeung Senior economist at ANZ

02 Feb 2016

Has cash done its dash?

More and more data are emerging pointing to the imminent demise of cash yet high value notes in circulation continue to rise. What gives?

Jennifer Farmer BlueNotes Editorial Producer

27 Jan 2016

ANZ free to focus on strengths: Elliott

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott says operational changes will allow bank to focus on what drives value and makes it successful.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Jan 2016

Bank funding: costs rising at the critical short end

As markets have roiled globally, most focus has been on the higher costs of stable, longer term debt funding for banks. But less publicly, the price of shorter term liquidity is up and that could have immediate effects.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Jan 2016

What big business can learn from startups

Entrepreneur Jane Martino chats about her jump from startups to ANZ and how her experience can help big businesses.

Matt Boss and Jane Martino Managing Director, Products & Marketing at ANZ and CEO of Shout for Good

19 Jan 2016

The reality of the role of women in business

The idea we need more women in business is wrong – we need to start properly recognising the women already there.

Tania Motton ANZ General Manager, Business Banking Australia

02 Feb 2016

Spiderman vs Elsa (and perspectives on gender)

Spiderman, Spiderman, teaches you a lesson about gender stereotypes.

Rhiannon Richardson & Mue Bentley Fisher Chair of ANZ Banking on Women – Fiji & Communications Manager, ANZ Pacific

02 Feb 2016

What's behind the Bank of Japan's Jedi mind trick? Less than nothing?

Less than zero: is the latest Bank of Japan policy a Jedi Mind Trick?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

28 Jan 2016

Taut, tanned and terrific: Australia's economy on Australia Day

Are our strong sectors enough to keep the overall economy on an even keel as mining and residential construction soften?

Warren Hogan Chief Economist, ANZ

01 Feb 2016

Ten ways to keep your New Year leadership resolution

If you want to become a better manager it's best not to wing it. Here's ten tips for starting 2016 on the right foot.

Leo D'Angelo Fisher Freelance journalist and management authority

25 Jan 2016

Are payments nearing a tapping point?

To understand where payments systems are going we need to look back at where they have been.

Faraaz Ali Executive Director and Regional Business Head - Cards and Lending - Retail Banking Asia Pacific at ANZ

04 Feb 2016

Right place, right time: the global trade environment in 2016

Australia's economic position is moving further in sync with its geographic one as power of proximity replaces the tyranny of distance.

Tim Harcourt Fellow in Economics, UNSW Business School

27 Jan 2016

Ten ways to help your career succeed

It's normal in your career to have one eye on the next step. Here's how you can help yourself be prepared.

Emma Davine Executive Director, Capabilities & Client Solutions, Global Transaction Banking | ANZ

22 Jan 2016

APAC geeks dominate fintech uptake: study

Digitally savvy consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore leave UK, Canada in the shade on fintech use.

Shane White BlueNotes senior production editor

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01 Feb 2016

Motivating others to dream

YCAB has evolved from a traditional non-profit to a growing sustainable social enterprise group, dedicated to combing education and economic assistance.

Lorraine Armilla Contributing editor at BlueNotes

27 Jan 2016

Why more RMB looks Hong Kong bound

The PBoC's latest currency intervention comes as investors line up to shift their RMB offshore.

Chaw Ming Quek Head of transaction banking | ANZ Hong Kong