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Indonesia is destined to become a much larger economic player...

Mike Smith Chief Executive Office, ANZ

Coming out the other side of a difficult period both countries recognise the importance of bilateral relations.

Mike Smith Chief Executive Officer ANZ

25 May 2015

Most of my old jobs in retail banking don’t exist anymore.

David Hisco CEO ANZ New Zealand & Global Head of Retail

27 May 2015

A future beyond smiles - thoughts on the future of retail banking

David Hisco CEO ANZ New Zealand & Global Head of Retail

26 May 2015

Is green debt the answer to climate change?

There is growing issuer interest and investor demand for bonds tied to environmentally friendly assets but markets can be contrary when it comes to outcomes.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

21 May 2015

How to have difficult conversations with your staff

It's the toughest job for any manager: bearing bad news. But with the right skills, you can make it easier.

Leon Gettler Veteran and highly regarded management journalist

18 May 2015

BlueNotes Debate: Brand journalism – what's the problem?

In the latest BlueNotes Debate, some of Australia's best journalists tackled the issue of corporate journalism and the changing world of modern media.

BlueNotes Reporter

26 May 2015

Gonski on Gonski

For years David Gonski has been pestered for the inside story on his corporate career. He has other ideas. He speaks out on what he believes is really important in business and life.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

25 May 2015

Aussie beef - in a good paddock despite the challenges

Australia's short-to-medium term effort to supply has been hampered by the Queensland drought. The next steps will define how the sector recovers.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness at ANZ

22 May 2015

Forget tech toys, tap'n'go payment is what will replace cash

The lessons from contactless payment take up are not rocket science – but they do bear repeating. Again and Again. Issue, Incent, Inform and Invite. Repeat.

Alan Shields Managing Director, Research and Advisory, RFi

25 May 2015

BlueNotes Podcast: Four signs an ASEAN boom is on the horizon

ANZ’s chief economist in South Asia, ASEAN and Pacific Glenn Maguire and ANZ’s Laos CEO Tammy Medard provide an in depth review of the four key propositions from ANZ's recent report ASEAN: the next horizon.

Glenn Maguire & Tammy Medard ANZ Chief Economist, South Asia, ASEAN & Pacific and CEO ANZ Laos

20 May 2015

Benevolent bias - a new way of making poor people decisions?

It's cruel to be kind. The glass ceiling is much lower down organisations than typically considered and wrong assumptions around what women want is structural.

Susie Babani Global Chief Human Resources Officer

18 May 2015

What price cyber risk?

North Korea and Sony, Iran and the Sands Casino, the Stuxnet virus, cyber risk is growing and changing but financiers and investors have been slow to factor it into company valuations.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

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