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Did you know cities make everyone in them more productive?

Jason Murphy Publisher, Thomas the Think Engine

Changes in communication technology could wreak the sort of havoc in real estate and infrastructure markets that they brought to newspapers, books and music. Cities are old fashioned, why do they exist anyway?

Jason Murphy Publisher, Thomas the Think Engine

28 Jul 2015

The completion of the changes is a significant move forward for the Australian financial services industry.

Antoinette Elias EY Oceania Leader - Wealth & Asset Management

22 Jul 2015

Five ways the IMR will change investment in Australia

Antoinette Elias EY Oceania Leader - Wealth & Asset Management

24 Jul 2015

Australia's education gravity shift to Asia

Australia needs to prepare the next generation for Asia's rise. The New Colombo Plan will do just that.

Suzette Corr General Manager Human Resources Australia & Group General Manager Talent and Culture | ANZ

23 Jul 2015

Investing with an impact

In an era of fiscal restraint, social impact bonds are a novel approach to giving.

Martin Foo Research officer at the Australian Centre for Financial Studies

09 Jul 2015

Is Hong Kong still a home for business?

Hong Kong needs to regain its focus on economic and social development as quickly as possible.

Ivy Au Yeung Chief Executive Officer ANZ Hong Kong

28 Jul 2015

Your 11-point guide to doing business in Asia

Taking the plunge outside of your home market is tough. Here's what you need to do to ensure you are successful.

Emma Davine Head of Transaction Banking in Hong Kong | ANZ

27 Jul 2015

The unforeseen consequences of technology

Technology has changed the way we communicate but something intangible has been lost. How do we reboot trust in a digital world?

Steve Glynn, Guy Boyd and Damian McMeekin Global head of information security, Global head of financial crime and Head of group security at ANZ.

23 Jul 2015

Prepare for the LNG boom

Gas in Australia is set to overtake iron ore in the export stakes and help push Australia's trade balance back toward the black.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

27 Jul 2015

The changes Australian agriculture needs

The Australia government's latest agriculture recommendations will help drive the sector's competitiveness but have been criticised for a lack of ambition.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia | ANZ

21 Jul 2015

Banks finally have capital certainty

APRA's latest recommendations give banks the clarity they were waiting for and ANZ has plenty of options to ensure it meets the new requirements, the bank's CFO says.

Paul Edwards Group General Manager Corporate Communications, ANZ

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24 Jul 2015

How the new Silk Road will bring the world closer together

By 2020 the world will need $57 trillion for infrastructure development and the AIIB will help meet that need.

Will Rathvon Global head of resources, energy and infrastructure | ANZ