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Women are a mainstay of the preference for gold in Indian savings culture.

Tarun Gulabani Senior relationship manager, ANZ

The currency without a country has always held a special place in Indian society – here’s why.

Tarun Gulabani Senior relationship manager, ANZ

21 Oct 2016

An unusually high [property value/GDP] ratio does not in itself imply a nasty correction but it can certainly be a warning light.

Sharon Zollner Associate Director & Senior Economist, ANZ NZ

25 Oct 2016

NZ housing: she’ll be right?

Sharon Zollner Associate Director & Senior Economist, ANZ NZ

26 Oct 2016

The secret to SME success is risk

Small business owners describe their experiences with growth, risk and how they found success.

Sue Milner Partnership Development Manager, ANZ

20 Oct 2016

It’s time to ‘man up’ for gender parity

Let’s call it like it is: men have been the beneficiary of thousands of years of positive discrimination.

Alex Kewley Director, Client Insights & Solutions, ANZ

14 Oct 2016

Demystifying cloud computing

We've been hearing the term cloud computing for a couple of years now but a proper understanding can give your business a head start.

Drew Turney Freelance technology journalist

14 Oct 2016


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: fortune telling.

Rod Clement Walkley Award-winning cartoonist

17 Oct 2016

What agribiz needs to learn from mining

The mining sector powered Australia’s prosperity for decades and can teach agribusiness the next steps it needs to take.

Kerryl Bradshaw WA Branch Manager, Advisian

12 Oct 2016

ASEAN trade path clear: ministers

Western nations are in agreement on the opportunities a strengthened and expanded trade relationship with ASEAN would present.

Anna Green CEO, ANZ Laos

26 Oct 2016

Data and the information pay-off

With data, the banks argue with Apple; non-banks are arguing with banks and governments are mulling it over. Who should pay for data?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

21 Oct 2016

Australia in Japan: a tale of two teams

Australian business presence on the ground in Japan is minor compared to its Asian contemporaries.

Grant Knuckey Chief Executive Officer, Japan, ANZ

18 Oct 2016

Keeping payments accessible for all

Maintaining accessibility for all in a rapidly changing payments landscape is difficult – but some organisations are providing products that do so.

Kath Bray & Steve Price GM, Deposits & Payments ANZ & Senior Manager, Everyday Banking

18 Oct 2016

Singapore’s quiet Aus property portfolio

Investors in Singapore are flush with liquidity and Australia is amongst the most attractive risk-return option available.

Rohit Mohindra Head of Commercial Real Estate, Institutional Banking, ANZ Singapore

18 Oct 2016

A women’s revolution of doing

Female entrepreneurs fed up with the fluff are changing the face of Australian business.

Grace Lever Entrepreneur & winner, 2016 Telstra Women's Business Award

14 Oct 2016

Will bad loans turn China upside down?

There’s much debate about the size China’s bad debts. We know it’s a concern. But more important than the actual size is whether the banking systems can cope.

Raymond Yeung Chief economist, Greater China, ANZ

25 Oct 2016

How modern PAs complete the best execs

Despite the forecast demise of the personal assistant, genuine assistance is always in style.

Leo D'Angelo Fisher Freelance writer & veteran of management journalism

18 Oct 2016

The procedural challenges in managing reputation risk

Responses to company reputational issues can be an opportunity for deeper engagement with customers – or they can do the opposite.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

17 Oct 2016

Getting a Handel on paying bankers to help customers

There has been much focus on sales commissions and bonuses in banking. Is there another way?

Steve Worthington Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University

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25 Oct 2016

The uncharted Mekong is ripe for picking

For many international businesses the Mekong is unchartered territory. Here are some practical tips for success in the region.

Anna Green CEO, ANZ Laos

18 Oct 2016

Is the South Australian blackout a wake-up call for renewables?

The Finkel review has a unique opportunity to reshape Australia’s energy policy.

Dr Tim Nelson AGL Energy & Griffith University

13 Oct 2016

Are banks still relevant?

The landscape for lenders is changing. What can retail banks do to remain in the game?

Rob Colwell EY Banking Customer Leader for Oceania