16 Feb 2018

Celebrating opportunity on Lunar New Year

Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

We speak to an SME owner on celebrating a life and business in NZ in the Year of the Dog.

16 Feb 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: around the world (for good)

Harry Cunningham | bluenotes contributor

We take a look at the anatomy of a fundraiser which raised $NZ56,000 over 26,000 kilometres.

15 Feb 2018

Asia’s $A110bn emerging opportunity

Jan Bellens | Global Emerging Markets Leader, EY

Tech advances in emerging markets are opening up a significant growth opportunity for banks.

13 Feb 2018

Q&A: trust & the social executive

Shayne Elliott & Craig Mullaney | CEO, ANZ & Strategic Partner Development, Facebook

How can leaders do their job effectively in the era of social media? ANZ’s Shayne Elliott and Facebook’s Craig Mullaney share insights.

15 Feb 2018

LONGREAD: boomerang execs come back around

Jessica Mudditt | Freelance Journalist

Will returning executives become the next C-suite trend? There are reasons markets like Australia have never embraced the idea.

14 Feb 2018

Competition and/or stability in banking?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The challenge for policymakers is to ensure disruption benefits the economy and doesn’t break it.

14 Feb 2018

INTERACTIVE: million-dollar Valentine

Catriona Noble | Managing Director Retail Distribution Australia, ANZ

Australians lost close to $A9 million in the six months leading up to Valentine’s Day.

12 Feb 2018

China’s savings, offshore investment, in charts

Raymond Yeung & Kaushik Baidya | Chief Economist Greater China & Economist, ANZ

The domestic Chinese environment is becoming less supportive of low-risk investments.

12 Feb 2018

How to keep a customer

Nigel Bowen | Freelance journalist

Winning a customer is hard. Keeping them is harder. Here are seven ways to do so.

12 Feb 2018

The importance of diversity, inclusion & respect at work

Reina Webster-Iti | bluenotes contributor

As we celebrate Auckland Pride, we chat to an ANZ staff member about how important it is to have support at work.

More insights

08 Feb 2018

New world order: Trump, trade & the TPP

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

US involvement in the new TPP would not be simple given the remaining participants have re-negotiated its terms.

08 Feb 2018

Six retail trends for 2018

Gabrielle Mitchell | bluenotes contributor

Omnichannel is back. People still want to touch an item before they buy it.

06 Feb 2018

David Thodey on culture, leadership & change

Paul Presland | GM Retail Distribution Network, ANZ

Former Telstra CEO chats on podcast about the importance of putting the customer at the centre of your culture.

06 Feb 2018

Six must-have skills for leaders in the digital economy

Leo D'Angelo Fisher | Freelance journalist

The idea technology is something which happens in the IT department won’t cut it anymore.

07 Feb 2018

When sharper credit's too sharp

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Well-intentioned but comprehensive credit reporting comes with risks for everyone. How do we handle it with care?

08 Feb 2018

Good times fade away on markets

Mark Rider | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

Crashes aside, don’t expect a repeat of the double-digit market returns of 2017.

05 Feb 2018

Ice cream of the crop

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

We chat to two entrepreneurs looking to bring a new ice age to NZ.

06 Feb 2018

On the other side of the internet (there is a person)

Lynwen Connick | CISO, ANZ

On Safer Internet day, it’s important to educate ourselves and our kids on using the internet safely – but the tools we use also have role.

05 Feb 2018

The new commandments for online

Erica Hardinge | Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

We’re learning more about the impact of the dark side of the net on our kids.

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