22 Aug 2019

Gonski: our self-assessment and what we are doing

David Gonski AC | Chairman at ANZ

ANZ Chairman outlines actions the bank is taking to address issues raised by APRA self-assessment.


23 Aug 2019

Interest rates yield to property

Daniel Gradwell | Associate Director - Property, ANZ

Historically low interest rates are the catalyst for a drop in a number of key economic indicators.

21 Aug 2019

Are banks too profitable? Or not profitable enough?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Although bank profits might not be a crowd favourite, they’re necessary - and good - for the economy. So say the regulators.

20 Aug 2019

Stateometer: modest growth continues

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

As the resources states showed mild business sector improvement most other states continued to grow below trend as impacts from housing softness continue.

19 Aug 2019

Hong Kong and the GBA: open for business

Nick Henderson & Drew Waters | Director & Head of Partnerships and Development , Asialink Business

With protests a daily headline, Hong Kong insiders stress in the long term the city and its region are open and ready for business.

16 Aug 2019

ANZ mortgage focus showing promise: Hand

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Better clarity and faster processing of mortgage approvals improving outcomes, risk settings maintained, Australia head says.

15 Aug 2019

Simple solutions to new problems

Kelsey Hightower | Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform

Leaders must keep employees focused on customer problems and sharing their expertise, according to Google expert.

14 Aug 2019

Wanna buy a bridge? Too late, scammers have moved on…

Warren Brown and Dylan Ryan | Manager of Financial Crime Oversight and Fraud Risk Lead, ANZ

Forget Nigerian fortunes or Florida real estate - scammers now run highly sophisticated operations which weasel their way into everyday business without anyone noticing.

13 Aug 2019

Global trade: the war clouds darken

Tony Walker | Author and Political Analyst

Trade-offs look increasingly unlikely in the Trump-Xi trade war and economic rations are looking bleaker.

12 Aug 2019

Vietnam’s path to success

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

Economic reforms in Vietnam have set it on the road to upper middle-income status.

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09 Aug 2019

Chopping down the bamboo ceiling

Julie Chai | Founder & CEO, The Asian Leadership Project

Despite recent tailwinds encouraging change, Asian-Australians still face many barriers in the professional arena.

08 Aug 2019

Action must meet opportunity in Asia

Isaac Rankin | Managing Director - Commercial, ANZ

Although not always easy, major benefits exist for businesses which expand into Asia.

07 Aug 2019

The global financial crisis: still going strong

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Competition and innovation need to be weighted carefully in the aftermath, and forefront, of a crisis.

06 Aug 2019

Job ads and vacancies: parting company

Catherine Birch | Senior Economist, ANZ

A puzzle is emerging in labour market data as job advertisements and vacancies, traditionally linked, have diverged.

05 Aug 2019

Blowing the whistle to understand culture

David McGowan | Group Integrity Lead, ANZ

New legislation broadens protections for whistleblowers; reinforces need for all companies to provide safe ways to raise concerns.

02 Aug 2019

International education in Australia: more than just China

Hayden Dimes, Bansi Madhavani & David Plank | Economists and Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

Although the number of international students from China will continue to grow, Australia will also host more from other emerging nations.

01 Aug 2019

Gains in grains

Michael Whitehead & Viveka Manikonda | Head of Agri Insights and Senior Associate, Institutional at ANZ

The outlook is positive for Australia’s grains and oilseed sector, with added benefits for trading companies.

31 Jul 2019

Australia’s tipping point from China

Luke Deer | Independent Researcher & Finance Tutor, University of Sydney Business School

Australia should look to China for future innovations in the fintech and payments sector.

29 Jul 2019

Positive reform driving India

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Strong reform mandates set by the Indian government should lead to positive long-term growth for the nation.

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