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Right here in Townsville we have the best aquaculture science in the country and indeed some of the best in the world.

Professor Chris Cocklin James Cook University vice chancellor

The collapse of Queensland Nickel and long periods of drought has weighed on sentiment in Townsville - but the broader opportunity - including Asia - is much greater.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

19 Jul 2016

Evidence suggests many if not most Australian businesses do not have the necessary skills to innovate.

Max Theilacker & Professor Peter Gahan Research Project Manager & Professor, University of Melbourne

21 Jul 2016

Industry needs to take the innovation wheel

Max Theilacker & Professor Peter Gahan Research Project Manager & Professor, University of Melbourne

18 Jul 2016

How I learned to stop worrying and love digital at MIT

Lenders have no need to fear tech which can help them create organisations equal parts bank and fintech.

Craig Sims ANZ senior executive

18 Jul 2016

The winners and losers of the AEC – it’s no EU for better or worse

Now over six months old, a sense of what can be expected in the medium-term from the ASEAN Economic Community is emerging.

Luke Hunt Freelance journalist & Asian correspondent

14 Jul 2016

Mobile payments: hype or happening?

Payments adoption comes first in supermarkets, fast-food restaurants and petrol stations - places people go regularly and where speed and convenience are key.

George Lawson Head of Emerging Products and Innovation, Visa Aus, NZ & SP

11 Jul 2016

Nostalgia and the challenge of ageing

As populations age, the voices of the future will find it harder to be heard above the demands and powerful wave of sentiment for the past.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

11 Jul 2016

The tills are humming in New Zealand

Consumers are shrugging off bad economic news in NZ, increasing their card spending. Not so Australia.

Mike Ebstein Founder & Principal, MWE Consulting

21 Jul 2016

Banking vs Tech: the collaboration economy

Ecosystems are the new black as more and more companies team up across to sectors to win over customers.

Renee Whitford BlueNotes contributing editor

20 Jul 2016

How China’s rebalancing has created a trade recession in Asia

How did China go from being such a positive support to global trade to a negative disruptor, particularly for the rest of Asia?

Glenn Maguire Chief Economist, South Asia, ASEAN & Pacific | ANZ

14 Jul 2016

Three key ingredients in growing the food bowl

How can Australia commercialise its agricultural ingenuity and expertise into a major export industry?

Stuart Hancock State Head, Regional Business Banking WA at ANZ

14 Jul 2016

Brexit: the five stages of grief

Andrew Palmer spent the week after the Brexit vote in London. As he explains, it was quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Andrew Palmer Head of FIG Australia, Institutional

12 Jul 2016

VCs: No need to be pitch perfect with your start-up

We sit down with the judging panel of ANZ’s Idea Nation to find out what it takes to successfully pitch a start-up to investors.

Gabrielle Mitchell BlueNotes contributing editor

22 Jul 2016


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world.

Rod Clement Author, illustrator & cartoonist

15 Jul 2016

IN PICTURES: Sydney style

Now more than ever the prevalence of social media provides men with more examples of good style.

Sarah Imm Founder, Vélo-à-Porter

12 Jul 2016

Nine out of ten people will do the right thing (and click this story)

Behavioural economics allows businesses to tap into basic human tendencies and behaviour patterns in order to produce better financial results.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

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18 Jul 2016

The inside pass from Fiji’s world-class leader

Successful Fiji Sevens coach Benjamin Ryan shares valuable insights on leading a first-class team.

Joape Kuruyawa BlueNotes contributing editor

13 Jul 2016

Why there’s no support club for straight white men

The backlash over workplace women’s networks (and others like them) make clear these issues are not about individual fault but the way systemic bias works.

Catherine Fox Freelance journalist