A person with a growth mindset truly believes with application you can change, learn and develop new abilities.

Tanya Deery GGM, Talent and Culture, ANZ

Mindset is about so much more than attitude, it’s about action. You can teach yourself to succeed.

Tanya Deery GGM, Talent and Culture, ANZ

24 Feb 2017

The headwinds of 2016 are behind us.

Mark Rider Head of Investment Strategy & Portfolio Management, ANZ

23 Feb 2017

Five key market themes to look out for in 2017

Mark Rider Head of Investment Strategy & Portfolio Management, ANZ

24 Feb 2017


Award-winning Illustrator Rod Clement shares his uniquely quirky take on the corporate world. This week: tax reform.

Rod Clement Walkley Award-winning cartoonist

21 Feb 2017

Losing AAA – what would it mean for bank interest rates?

In a world flooded with central bank liquidity and ultra-low rates any increase would be a small one.

Narayanan Somasundaram Economics & finance reporter

17 Feb 2017

ANZ growing but still cautious: Elliott

CEO says Q1 growth has occurred in right areas; economies more positive but still slow.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

17 Feb 2017

The only place you need to be in China is online

Internet commerce has made selling products into mainland China easier than ever before.

Tim Harcourt The Airport Economist

15 Feb 2017

Correspondent banking and the global vs local fight

The global-versus-local debate will impact correspondent banking but it’s something the sector has dealt with before.

John Campbell Head of Transaction Banking International & Financial Institutions, ANZ

27 Feb 2017

Stopping the bubble: what to watch at China’s NPC

China is likely to adopt a risk-management attitude across many of its policies in 2017.

Raymond Yeung Chief Economist, Greater China at ANZ

22 Feb 2017

Can the next generation of coal power be banked?

Investment in coal generation is increasingly problematic. How will banks handle the next step?

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

20 Feb 2017

NZ ahead of the curve on payments

New Zealand is on the front line of technology making payments faster, more transparent and ultimately cheaper.

Andrew Kershaw & David Tyrer Head of Payments and Receivables & Director of Digital Channels, ANZ NZ

14 Feb 2017

Changing streams on the Mekong River

About 70 million people depend on the Mekong River for food security but the environment at all levels is changing rapidly.

Luke Hunt Journalist & Asian corresponden

14 Feb 2017

RegTech joins the C-Suite

As more cyber experts are elevated ot key roles, the importance of RegTech is increasingly clear.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

23 Feb 2017

The technology challenge of financial inclusion

Banks are wrestling with a gamut of common but complex challenges around the world. Inclusion is one.

Angelo Manos General Manager, Specialised Segments, ANZ

21 Feb 2017

What ever happened to the Christmas spending spike?

The data show a major change for retail: the blunting of the Christmas spending spike.

Mike Ebstein Founder & Principal at MWE Consulting

16 Feb 2017

Will demonetisation become de rigueur?

India wiped out 86 per cent of its banknotes and is now dealing with the consequences. What are the lessons for other governments?

Steve Worthington Professor at Swinburne University

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21 Feb 2017

India’s digital payment economy

Indian consumers are quickly adapting to new and alternative payments including digital wallets and banking apps.

Priyanka Bagde Survey Analyst, Euromonitor International

13 Feb 2017

VIDEO: ANZ names Lynwen Connick as cybersec chief

Former Aus govt strategist says banks need to do everything they can to protect their customers.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes