23 Apr 2024

Planning for the next generation

James Dunlop | General Manager Private Banking & Advice

Australia is facing an unprecedented transfer of wealth as baby boomers retire. It also presents policy and planning challenges.

22 Apr 2024

Searching for the right housing formula

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

Most focus falls on supply issues in the housing affordability debate – but a broader view on the use of existing stock has the potential to be more effective.

17 Apr 2024

Waxing lyrical

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

Why is the humble vinyl record experiencing a billion-dollar global resurgence? It’s about music lovers building likeminded communities, including at ANZ.

16 Apr 2024

Inflation heading for a soft landing

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

To avoid recessions, economists want global inflation to slow at a conservative pace. But atypical economic movements leaves the outlook uncertain.

15 Apr 2024

Stemming the tide on shipping emissions

Kris Fumberger | Manager ESG Advisory, ANZ

Reducing carbon emissions from the shipping industry remains a challenge. New technology and finding efficiencies will be key.

11 Apr 2024

Aussie beef: A steer in the right direction

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

From US hamburgers to global fine dining, Australian beef is everywhere. But what next for this critical commodity?

10 Apr 2024

Election season in Asia

Bansi Madhavani | Senior Economist, ANZ

Powerhouse economies India and South Korea face elections. What does this mean for their economic growth and for the region?

09 Apr 2024

The evolution of the workplace – and workforce

Elisa Clements | Group Executive, Talent and Culture, ANZ

The workplace has arguably undergone more change in the last decade than ever before. What’s in store for the coming 12 months, and beyond?

08 Apr 2024

Build relationships, add value and reach out

Farhan Faruqui | CFO, ANZ

The ‘bamboo ceiling’ contributes to limiting diversity in organisations. But diversity is where businesses flourish.

03 Apr 2024

Retaining the lessons of the Royal Commission

Stephen Ries | General Manager ESG and Stakeholder Engagement, Communications & Public Affairs, ANZ

It is half a decade since the hard truths of the banking royal commission were delivered. How do we make sure those lessons stay fresh in our minds?

More insights

27 Mar 2024

Eggonomics: the hidden cost of Easter

Michael Whitehead | Executive Director for Agribusiness Industry Insights, ANZ

How will the astronomical price of cocoa – the main ingredient in chocolate – impact your sweet tooth this Easter?

26 Mar 2024

Why Australians love pre-loved property

Shannon McMahon | Managing Director, Home Loans, ANZ

With sales of existing homes dominating Australian housing transactions, the decisions made by existing owners - upgrading, renovating or staying put – can have a huge impact on the market.

25 Mar 2024

Playing the long game in Asia

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

With a long history in Asia, ANZ continues to grow its presence in the region – especially in mainland China.

19 Mar 2024

The language barrier to financial wellbeing

Janet Liu | Head of Social Impact and Community Partnerships, ANZ

Linguistically diverse adults over 50 are disproportionately struggling financially. How can we alleviate this challenge?

12 Mar 2024

Helping reduce emissions from auto manufacturing

Kris Fumberger | Manager ESG Advisory, ANZ

In this series, we take a deeper look at each of ANZ’s sectoral decarbonisation pathways to understand the role we play in supporting the transition to net zero.

18 Mar 2024

Breaking down barriers

Clare Morgan | Group Executive, Australia Commercial, ANZ

Three generations of women from one family are helping drive gender parity in the construction sector.

14 Mar 2024

Steaks are high

Michael Whitehead | Executive Director for Agribusiness Industry Insights, ANZ

We obsess over the price of red meat, but what factors impact the relationship between cattle prices and what we pay at the butcher?

13 Mar 2024

Q&A: different paths, shared experience

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive - Australia Retail, ANZ

Maile Carnegie and Antonia Watson followed different paths into senior leadership roles. But much is common about their experience as women.

05 Mar 2024

IWD 2024: A retrospective list

Tenielle Rolfe | Inclusion Program Manager, ANZ

Fostering diversity is more than an annual commitment. This selection of stories celebrates the efforts for and by women from all walks of life from within and outside ANZ.

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