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There are too many people coming out of school going straight to university and graduating without the soft skills they need.

David Hodges MD,

Does Australia’s education system give our best and brightest the tools they need to innovate? Our expert panel picks the issue apart.

Louise Halliwell Director of Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, PWC

24 May 2016

It is the country doing you a favour by allowing you to work there. It is the organisation you work for giving you the opportunity to be part of something.

Tareq Mahmood CEO Korea & MD GSG, IIB a, ANZ

27 May 2016

Feeling lucky in a new country

Tareq Muhmood Managing Director, Global Diversified Industries, Global Banking, ANZ

26 May 2016

Financial assistance can change lives

Safe and affordable financial services can help changes lives and boost the economy. Banks have a responsibility to help.

Fred Ohlsson Group Executive, ANZ Australia

24 May 2016

This is why men don’t go home to look after the baby

Male workplace culture around parental leave means very few men take the time off offered to them. Why?

Fiona Smith Guest columnist

19 May 2016

The surprising cost of mental health in the workplace

The figures around lost workplace productivity due to mental health are alarming. It’s something we need to talk about.

Leon Gettler Freelance journalist

19 May 2016

How innovation for accessibility can help everyone

Steps to make products or services more accessible for people with a disability can often make them more accessible for everyone – benefitting both the consumer and the business.

Darren Baird & Steve Price Head of Innovation, Design and Experience & Senior Manager, Everyday Banking at ANZ

16 May 2016

Three insights: what do Chinese farmers want from Australia and NZ?

Incredible demand for grain imports matched by quality expectations and strength of competition.

Mark Bennett Head of Agribusiness, Australia, ANZ

13 May 2016

LONGREAD: the gathering quantum storm

Quantum could change how everything works and business and financial markets will be among the first to feel the wind. So how does it all work?

Todd Tobias Director of Business Projects, ANZ Markets

26 May 2016

Australia slowing but still looks good: Elliott

ANZ CEO calls Australia’s strength in wake of transformation “remarkable”; admits Asia has slowed.

Paul Edwards Publisher, BlueNotes

25 May 2016

What has Basel meant for global risk?

Current regulatory proposals dilute the focus on risk, making it an good time to revisit the lessons of the pre-crisis era.

Brad Carr Deputy Director, Regulatory Affairs, Institute of International Finance

23 May 2016

Is the world finally poised to arrive in Japan?

Japan’s new open economic era will have profound implications for its people, economy and culture.

Elizabeth Masamune Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

20 May 2016

The short and long-term outlook for Australian dairy

Australia’s dairy sector has been through rough patches before, and this flexible, adaptive and innovative industry will thrive again.

Christine Linden General Manager, Regional Business Banking at ANZ

17 May 2016

The opportunity for efficient fintech is huge

The way fintech disruption is evolving, the real opportunity is in components, not replacing the system as a whole.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

18 May 2016

Stateometer: momentum subsides

Momentum across Australia’s east coast declines but level of activity remains solid.

Kirk Zammit Economist, ANZ

26 May 2016

New ways to get the most out of 140 characters

Don't know what all these Twitter changes mean? We've broken it down for you.

Francesca Rizzo BlueNotes contributing editor

23 May 2016

The psychology of growing old (and paying for it)

The psychological barriers that impact retirement planning are many and varied. Here’s how and why they work.

Milena Malev Head of Retirement Solutions, ANZ

17 May 2016

BlueNotes Debate: do regulators stymie or stimulate innovation and start-ups?

In the push to make Australian business more innovative, what role will regulators play?

Louise Halliwell Director, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, PWC

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Most Read

24 May 2016

The next evolution of financial services

What happens when financial advice comes from artificial intelligence? We’re about to find out.

Andrew Cornell Managing Editor BlueNotes

20 May 2016

When technology meets vanity: the burgeoning wearables market

Priced similarly to mid-range watches and yet, wearable tech attracts considerably more consumer attention due to their novelty factor.

Wee Teck Loo Author at Euromonitor International

16 May 2016

Special delivery: China’s logistics boom

Chinese technology giants Alibaba and Tencent have helped foster the county’s surging e-commerce but its logistics industry helps deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Greg Au-Yeung Head of Technology China at ANZ