ANZ Board Minutes: the full series

For most shareholders, the background, thoughts and interests of the individuals who make up the board of a major corporation can be a bit of a mystery.

Who are they? How did they end up on this board? What are they passionate about? How do they think about the wider issues in society and what the role of the business sector is?

The Board Minutes series, produced by bluenotes, features in depth conversations with ANZ’s board members, revealing insights into how they think, how the board works and their priorities for the future of the bank.

Learn more through the series of videos, podcasts and Q&As below.

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Banks, trust & the governance challenge

David Gonski discusses the future challenges for financial services.

Is the golden era of banking over?

Ilana Atlas says this era of financial services - and corporate life - demands pace and flexibility.

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From the farm to the bank

John Macfarlane has run banks, farms, shopping centres - what’s the link?

Creating a nuanced focus

Paula Dwyer discusses challenges in a post-Royal Commission environment and the need for more women in corporate Australia.

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Coming soon… Hear from Graeme Liebelt, Jane Halton, Sir John Key and Paul O'Sullivan.

The views and opinions expressed in this communication are those of the author and may not necessarily state or reflect those of ANZ.