Behind the curtain of the AGM

For most retail shareholders, a chance to see – and ask questions of – the board of any major, publicly-owned organisation is a rare occasion. But the annual general meeting (AGM) is the one forum a year where that opportunity is guaranteed.

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Every year, ANZ invites its shareholder base of over 550,000 individuals and institutions to attend the AGM and ask questions of ANZ’s Chairman (David Gonski), CEO (Shayne Elliott) and the board.

The AGM is held in a different location every year to give local shareholders a chance to participate and learn more about the organisation. In 2019, the AGM was held in Brisbane.

At this year's AGM, the following resolutions were passed:

Item Resolution Result of the poll

Election and Re-Election of Board Endorsed Candidates:

(a) To elect Mr P D O’Sullivan  

(b) To re-elect Mr G R Liebelt

(c) To re-elect Ms S J Halton AO PSM

• Mr O’Sullivan was elected as a Director

• Mr Liebelt was re-elected as a Director

• Ms Halton was re-elected as a Director

3 Adoption of the Remuneration Report Carried as an ordinary resolution
5 Grant of Performance Rights to Mr S C Elliott Carried as an ordinary resolution
6 Resolution requisitioned by members – Amendment to the Constitution Not carried as a special resolution


A poll was not taken on items 4, 7 and 8 as they were not put to the meeting.

The video below provides a behind-the-scenes look at the AGM and how it is organised with commentary from Gonski, Elliott and more.

Jill Campbell is Head of Investor Relations at ANZ

For more information about ANZ’s shareholders, click HERE.


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