19 Feb 2024

The euro has weathered the economic storm

Brian Martin | Senior International Economist, ANZ

This year marks the 25th year of the European Union’s currency. Has it aged like a fine French wine? Or is it hitting a quarter-life crisis?

02 Sep 2022

Twitter values our time. Can it value our dollar?

Somayeh Shiri | Data Scientist, ANZ Institutional

While many question the value of social media, a new tool using Tweets may help forecast movements in the Australian dollar.

05 May 2020

Currency contagion: monetising virus responses

John Bromhead & Daniel Been | FX Strategist & Head of FX and G3 Research, ANZ

Economies around the world are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are doing better than others.

25 Jul 2019

Private virtue, public vice

James Culham | Executive Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

Are economies staring down the barrel of the next recession? And how will monetary policies and investments help them float.

26 Jun 2019

Reading Libra’s horoscope

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

Facebook has launched its own currency - Libra - we foretell doubters and challenging times ahead.

25 Mar 2019

Creating and destroying money

James Culham | Executive Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

Do banks just create unlimited amounts of money out of thin air?

21 Mar 2019

High tide for blockchain

Maria Bellmàs | Associate Director, Trade and Supply Chain Product, ANZ

Blockchain has been the darling of the tech world for some time but the tide is starting to turn.

07 Mar 2019

Keeping up with digital trade finance

Khalil Hegarty and Tyler McDonald | Associate Director and Consultant at ITS Global

Regional authorities are quickly moving towards digitising trade and customs – is Australia falling behind?

25 Jan 2019

Rise of the stablecoin

James Culham | Executive Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

If 2018 was the year of bitcoin, perhaps 2019 will see the stablecoin take centre stage.

30 Jul 2018

Is it foolish to write off crypto?

Steve Dando | Personal & Business Banker, ANZ

A bump in the road won’t be enough to keep crypto - an asset class still worthy of investment – away.

27 Jun 2018

Crypto’s Icarus movement

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

The BIS has delivered its result on crypto – as if the market was still waiting for advice - and it sounds like coinmania flew too close to the sun.

21 Jun 2018

Why NZ can be a block party

Emma Mellow | bluenotes contributor

NZ has the perfect business environment to develop blockchain tech – and reap the many rewards.