Under the hood: the ANZi series


There has been commentary for years around the so-called battle between fintechs and traditional banks – but the reality is many banks globally are actually partnering with smaller, innovative businesses to deliver better outcomes for their customers.

The interaction between banking and technology and banking and other industries is constant and what we see today is no different: there is a myriad of new companies and ideas, successes and failures, mergers, partnerships, transformations – a healthy sign of an economy working.

At ANZ, we aim to harness this energy to invigorate our company and better support our customers. The team central to this strategy is known simply as “ANZi” – the “i” stands for innovation and investment.

Learn more about each of these innovative companies in the stories below.


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Bank to the future with 1835i

After three foundation years within the enterprise, ANZ’s investment and innovation business is “leaving the mothership” to further accelerate scale and growth.

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Under the hood of ANZi

The investments and innovations arm of ANZ has been working hard to accelerate the bank’s digital evolution and more efficient customer service.

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Not your regular rewards program

Investing in Australian-made business Cashrewards will give ANZ the ability to help customers improve their financial wellbeing.

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Make an offer

As the Australian housing market continues to recover from the pandemic, one digital solution is making it easier than ever for buyers to purchase a home.

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Challenging the lenders

At first glance, it might seem strange for a major bank like ANZ to invest in a challenger lender. But this ANZi alumnus explains one strategy behind the decision.

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Simplifying small business lending

There are hundreds of small business lending products and offerings available in the market. So how do you know which is the right one? ANZi alumnus Valiant makes it easier.

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Wearing multiple hats

Running a small business can be an overwhelming experience. This digital financial assistance tool takes out the guesswork.

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Silicon Valley’s founding father

Long-time venture capitalist Sanford Robertson has decades of experience in Silicon Valley. And he has no plans to slow down.

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Banking on innovation

Fintechs and banks come together for shared strategic benefit under ANZ’s new investments team, ANZi Ventures.

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