13 May 2024

Bigger slice of the steak pie

Madeleine Swan | Director of FBA Insights, ANZ

Australia’s beef industry has embraced new technology and export markets – but it’s also taken a smarter approach to the supply chain.

11 Apr 2024

Aussie beef: A steer in the right direction

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

From US hamburgers to global fine dining, Australian beef is everywhere. But what next for this critical commodity?

24 Oct 2023

Grain of truth: the future of feeding the world

Sara McCluskey | Head of Diversified Industries, ANZ Institutional

From putting food on your plate to keeping planes in the skies, the grains and oilseeds sector is arguably the most important globally.

08 Jun 2023

Winter is coming for the agri commodity price cycle

Michael Whitehead | Executive Director for Agribusiness Industry Insights, ANZ

As Australia’s agricultural sector heads into the winter period, ANZ’s agri infocus assesses an autumn for the price cycle.

10 Oct 2017

Clean, green & on screen: the modern cattle station

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Keeping up with – and taking advantage of - changes in tech can be just as valuable as innovating.

29 Aug 2017

VIDEO: for agri innovation, look to farmers

Carina Parisella & Greg Szopa | bluenotes contributors

Entrepreneur and fourth-generation farmer says growers are best-placed to offer innovative insights to the sector.

08 Aug 2017

VIDEO: the agtech revolution starts with people

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Agriculture faces a generational opportunity as the next wave of farmers come from a deeper technological background.

24 Jul 2017

The accumulative benefits of agtech

Reina Webster-Iti | bluenotes contributor

Modern technology saves time and energy on the farm – and leads to better outcomes.

17 Jul 2017

Is Australia’s tech infrastructure letting farmers down?

Sarah Lang | Regional Executive, ANZ

Aus agri must increase productivity and efficiency - and technology can play a major role.

11 Jul 2017

The tech tidal wave building for NZ agri

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

Producers should expect more tech-driven change around traceability, food quality, animal welfare and environmental issues.

07 Jul 2017

Aus agtech: fast, nimble & taking on the world

Isaac Rankin | Managing Director Commercial and Private Banking, ANZ

The nature of Australian agricultural technology gives players the ability to take on the world.

08 Jun 2017

Agtech: not just another buzzword

Mark Bennett | Head of Aus Agribusiness, ANZ

On-farm technology will play a major role in helping Australian farmers reach higher levels of productivity - and profit.