21 Jun 2023

Determination and tenacity aid police fraud investigation

Marc Broome | Senior Manager, Complex Investigations with Customer Protection, ANZ

Katarina is a young ANZ investigator who likes solving puzzles. Her curiosity aided a major Federal Police investigation.

05 Jun 2023

Opportunities and risks in an internationally ‘UNTIDI’ decade

Cameron Mitchell | Head of Geopolitical Risk, ANZ

Land war in Europe, tensions in the Taiwan Straits, the return of trade scuffles. Politics is again trumping trade. How do we plan for such an untidy world?

16 May 2017

Why bluenotes is changing

Paul G Edwards | Publisher, BlueNotes

Business today not only needs to tell its story - it has to join the conversation.

12 Oct 2015

The changing face of the business of sport in China

Louise Eyres | Group General Manager Marketing, ANZ

China's massive middle class is changing the nature of global business. And sport, one of the biggest global businesses, is no exception.

10 Oct 2014

BlueNotes is brand site of the year

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

ANZ’s BlueNotes has won its first award, after being named Brand Site of the Year at the BEfest 2014 Awards at Sydney’s Luna Park on Thursday in front of a who’s who of the content marketing industry.

09 Oct 2014

China tennis gets grand

Paul McNamee | Grand Slam winner and noted sports administrator

There I was, last September, travelling at 320kph on a very fast train from Beijing to Suzhou somewhere in the bosom of China, enjoying the in-seat video TV, complimentary meal and tea served with barely a ripple given the smoothness of the ride. It was all very impressive.

26 Aug 2014

Where are all the women in the Aus media?

Belinda Gaskell | Communications Manager

BlueNotes Debates will bring together important voices across the business, economics and social spectrum to thrash out where the issues lie. They’ll be important but colourful affairs – and Monday’s first stoush was a case in point with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, company director and gender activist Carol Schwartz, the Australian Financial Review’s Mike Smith (with the event opened by his namesake from ANZ) and BlueNotes associate editor Amanda Gome.

25 Aug 2014

Why aren’t we recognising notable women at work?

Mike Smith | Former Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

When I signed up to the Male Champions of Change (MCC) initiative, along with a group of other Australian CEOs and Chairs, I wanted to contribute my influence to help improve gender equality in business.