05 Oct 2023

Riding the mobile wallet tourism wave

John Campbell | GM Transact & Save, Australia Commercial, ANZ

China has embraced digital wallets, is Australia equipped for the tourist spending spree?

04 Jul 2017


Peter Dalton | Managing Director Design & Development, ANZx

Far more than just a telephone, the iPhone has changed the world – and connected it – arguably more than any other device in recent history.

04 Jul 2017

How the mobile revolution changed jobs – and the world

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

Workers share their experiences of operating in a world with computers in their pockets.

18 Mar 2016

Insurance must adapt to a new kind of customer

Alexis George | Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Group Executive Wealth Australia, ANZ

Over the past few decades technology has changed our lives at an unprecedented rate. For the wealth industry, the convergence of technological and social innovation is pushing us to think and act differently, finding new ways to help people secure their future wellbeing.

19 Oct 2015

There is no stopping progress (unless you have a lot of cabs)

Alex Kewley | Director, Client Insights & Solutions, ANZ

Seeing the black cab drivers lined up in London to protest against Uber earlier this year got me thinking: there is no stopping progress (although in the short term you can obviously cause traffic jams).

16 Oct 2015

The digital way to give

Jane Martino | CEO, Shout for Good

Nothing is immune to the digital revolution and the way we donate is undergoing a substantial change. In the latest in BlueNotes' series on the passion and science of giving, Shout for Good CEO Jane Martino writes about philanthropy and the digital revolution.

11 Sep 2015

How to stay the course on China

Leonie Lethbridge | CEO Cambodia, ANZ

The volatility across global markets and data out of China has unsettled many across the region. While the much-feared 'China Syndrome' is a fanciful worst-case scenario for many, what is happening in the Asian giant today is not the catastrophe many believe.

24 Aug 2015

Six things Europe's best banks do

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

As chief financial officer at ANZ I'm always on the lookout for what others in the industry are doing well to see what I can learn and apply at our company.

20 Aug 2015

Profitable organisations have a purpose

Matt Boss | Former Managing Director Products and Marketing, ANZ

Almost every successful company has a firm understanding of strategy and values. But how many have a clear, simple and stated organisational purpose?

05 Aug 2015

The life and death of a disruptive idea

Daniel Norton | Former Manager Pricing Data & Analytics, ANZ

A hackathon is an event where software programmers, developers and designers come together for days on end to brainstorm, create and collaborate. It's a place where ideas are born - and like all ideas some die quietly, some burn bright but quickly flare out and others take on a life of their own.

03 Jun 2015

Valuing quality journalism in corporate publishing

Paul Edwards | Manager Operations Strategy, ANZ

Two events in the past week have had me thinking about journalism and the new world of social, digital and mobile. The traditional homes of journalism are being eroded while new opportunities in corporate publishing and the collaborative economy are yet to establish sustainable funding models for quality journalism.

27 Feb 2015

Virtual leadership requires real leadership

Tareq Muhmood | CEO Korea & Managing Director Global Subsidiaries, ANZ

I recently enjoyed a coffee with a treasurer of a major US firm in Dubai. She is a leader I admire (and in fact I'm trying to encourage her to write the next version of 'lean-in' or 'pull out' :) ). We became involved in discussing how we both lead virtual teams located around the world and what we have learned.