A World of Networks

It’s not particularly common knowledge that ANZ has its own coat of arms and its own motto. In English, our motto translates to "tenacious of purpose" which I think really accurately describes who and what the bank is about. It really gets to the heart of the DNA of this company. 

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For almost 200 years, ANZ has been servicing companies as they build engagement, trade and investment around the Asia Pacific region. For our first 150 years, ANZ’s headquarters were in London but all our operations were in Australia and New Zealand. In the 1970s, we officially moved our head office to Australia - but we never lost that international mindset.

Over the years, ANZ has worked to build a strongly connected network of 33 really important markets which all work together to provide a great network of services to our customers. 

Our focus is the facilitation of trade and capital flows to allow Australia and New Zealand, and enabling companies within these markets, to engage with the rest of the world. These companies then engage with others from all over the world. And that tenacity of purpose continues to serve us well. 

Our network of 33 markets – big and small, advanced and emerging - is really critical to who and what we are as a bank. It's a defining point of difference for ANZ. In the series below, I introduce you to some of the leaders of ANZ’s various markets. We discuss the outlook for their region, opportunities for growth and what they love most about their job.

I hope you enjoy our conversations and learn something new about the world of our networks. 

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Safety, reliability and convenience in Laos

Carli Renzi says the bank’s Australia and New Zealand roots are a strong selling point for multinational companies in her region.

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US vital to future interests

ANZ US Country Head Paul Goodwin says the bank’s support for customers through the pandemic has created stronger relationships.

Shayne Elliott is CEO of ANZ