05 Oct 2023

Riding the mobile wallet tourism wave

John Campbell | GM Transact & Save, Australia Commercial, ANZ

China has embraced digital wallets, is Australia equipped for the tourist spending spree?

06 Sep 2023

Smart phones introduce smarter payment options

John Campbell | GM Transact & Save, Australia Commercial, ANZ

Payment technology we rely on today were once a far-fetched pipe dream. Worldline Tap on Mobile is another leap forward.

14 Jul 2023

Data key to mitigating financial crime compliance risk

Suresh Rajalingam | Head of Oceania, Swift

The pace of developments in global payments technology is accelerating and financial institutions must have systems in place to ensure compliance and fight financial crime.

28 Apr 2023

The next wave in real time payments evolution

Jackie Kallman | Head of Payments Industry & Engagement, ANZ

Digitisation of direct debit payments offers enormous opportunity for industry players. Merchants and billers will need banks to help steer them through the complexity.

17 Feb 2023

Digital payment disruption continues in retail

Philippa Campbell | Head of Transaction Banking Australia & PNG

The evolution of digital payments is accelerating in retail and customers are demanding more. Businesses must change too if they are to capture the benefits.

03 Feb 2023

Behind the green payoff

Richard Hartung | Research Director, Singapore, Payments Consulting Network

Payments and the technology around them are getting more sustainable by implementing measures that reduce their carbon footprint.

21 Sep 2022

Payments NZ lays out ambition for real time payments

Steve Wiggins | Chief Executive of Payments NZ

New Zealand’s industry payments group is mapping out the long term evolution of the system.

13 Sep 2022

What's the role of cash in financial inclusion?

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

With cash usage dropping around the globe how can we ensure this doesn’t lead to financial exclusion for some in the community?

08 Apr 2022

India’s central bank buys into digital

Sanjay Mathur & Dhiraj Nim | Chief Economist Southeast Asia & India / Economist & FX Strategist, ANZ

India’s central bank digital currency – the e-Rupee - is slated to make its debut. What are the benefits of an official digital currency and how does it differ from the world of cryptocurrencies?

05 Apr 2022

Venturing into a new payments frontier

Petr Ryska | Chief Executive Officer of ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions

The new ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions joint venture launched this week into a rapidly evolving world of payments.

04 Apr 2022

The Australian payments system: fit for future?

Andy White | CEO of Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet)

Payments platforms must keep up with demand as consumers increasingly move away from physical cash and cards.

24 Mar 2022

A stable platform for the next step

Nigel Dobson | Banking Services Lead, ANZ

Stablecoins, tokenisation and defi are more than just online trends now. They are the basis of real demands from customers. And banks must step up.