BlueNotes features comment, analysis and opinion from our own bank and external experts. Some authors will be regular contributors, others will write on specific topics. All are recognised thought leaders in their fields. Here are our featured ANZ contributors.

  • Shayne Elliott

    Shayne Elliott

    Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

    ANZ’S Chief Executive Officer has been in banking more than 25 years and worked throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and the Pacific. Read more...

  • Graham Hodges

    Graham Hodges

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Acting Chief Financial Officer ANZ

    ANZ's deputy chief executive and acting chief financial officer, Graham is a 23-year veteran of the bank and has previously run businesses in both Australia and New Zealand. Read more...

  • Fred Ohlsson

    Fred Ohlsson

    Group Executive, ANZ Australia

    Fred Ohlsson is Group Executive, Australia at ANZ, with responsibility for Retail and Commercial Banking Australia. He returned to ANZ’s Australia business in 2016 from ANZ New Zealand where he was Managing Director, Retail and Business Banking since 2013. Read more...

  • David Hisco

    David Hisco

    CEO ANZ New Zealand & Group Executive Asia Wealth, Pacific and International Retail

    In 2013 David won the Asian Banker CEO Leadership Achievement Award for New Zealand for merging The National Bank of New Zealand with ANZ. Read more...

  • Mark Whelan

    Mark Whelan

    Group Executive, Institutional at ANZ

    Group Executive, Institutional at ANZ, Mark has nearly three decades of experience in banking. Read more...

  • Andrew Cornell

    Andrew Cornell

    Managing Editor BlueNotes

    The managing editor of BlueNotes, Andrew is an award winning journalist with more than three decades in the game. Read more...

  • Rod Clement

    Rod Clement

    Walkley Award-winning cartoonist

    Walkley Award-winning cartoonist who has been working in media for almost 30 years. Read more...

  • Elizabeth Masamune

    Elizabeth Masamune

    Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

    Elizabeth Masamune is Managing Director of @Asia Associates Inc, Japan. Based in Tokyo, she specialises in supporting women in the workplace and cross-cultural communication in business. Read more...

  • Tareq Muhmood

    Tareq Muhmood

    CEO Korea & Managing Director Global Subsidiaries, ANZ

    CEO Korea & Managing Director Global Subsidiaries at ANZ, Tareq has worked in the finance industry for two decades in markets across Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe. Read more...

  • Grant Knuckey

    Grant Knuckey

    Chief Executive Officer, Japan, ANZ

    ANZ’s Chief Executive Officer for Japan, Grant joined the bank as a graduate before starting an international career which to date has located him in seven countries. Read more...

  • Anna Green

    Anna Green

    CEO, ANZ Laos

    ANZ Laos’ CEO has worked in the world of banking, finance and law across Asia, Europe, the Pacific and Australia for over 15 years. Read more...

  • Andrew Grill

    Andrew Grill

    Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting

    Global Managing Partner for IBM's Social Consulting group, Andrew is a regular keynote presenter on all things digital, social and mobile at conferences around the world. Read more...

  • Ivy Au Yeung

    Ivy Au Yeung

    Chief Executive Officer ANZ Hong Kong

    With nearly three decades of experience as an international banker, Ivy is one of ANZ’s most experienced Asian executives with strong experience in relationship management, credit and product across Asia Pacific. Read more...

  • Susie Babani

    Susie Babani

    Former Chief Human Resources Officer at ANZ

    A former Chief Human Resources Officer at ANZ, Susie’s helped support and develop ANZ’s 50,000 employees. Read more...

  • Tania Motton

    Tania Motton

    ANZ General Manager, Business Banking Australia

    ANZ General Manager, Business Banking Australia

  • Steve Worthington

    Steve Worthington

    Professor at Swinburne University

    A Professor at Swinburne University in Melbourne, formerly a Professor of Marketing at Monash University and head of Marketing and Planning at a UK Bank. Read more...

  • Mark Skulley

    Mark Skulley

    Freelance journalist

    Widely recognised as one of Australia’s finest industrial reporters, specialising in industrial relations and the auto industry, Mark is a veteran of the Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald. Read more...

  • Jacqueline Gillespie

    Jacqueline Gillespie

    Senior Client Partner at Korn/Ferry International

    Jacqueline is a specialist on the impact of leadership on engagement and business performance, leadership capability development and talent management strategies. Read more...

  • Graham Turley

    Graham Turley

    Managing Director, Institutional Australia

    Graham Turley is Managing Director, Institutional Australia, and leads a team responsible for managing ANZ’s relationships with its Institutional customers in Australia and PNG. Read more...

  • Bernard Hickey

    Bernard Hickey

    Publisher at Hive News

    Bernard is the owner and publisher of Hive News, a non partisan commentary on business and government. Read more...

  • Felicity Costigan

    Felicity Costigan

    Journalist and Not-For-Profit Consultant

    Felicity Costigan is a former feature writer and editor for News Ltd and Fairfax, including a long stint as Fashion Editor of the Herald Sun. Read more...

  • Sanjoy Sen

    Sanjoy Sen

    Managing Director for Retail Banking Asia Pacific

    As ANZ’s Managing Director for Retail Banking Asia Pacific, Sanjoy Sen drives the bank’s strategy to build the Retail Banking Business across 21 markets in Asia Pacific. Read more...

  • Claire Rogers

    Claire Rogers

    Head of Digital Strategy & Business Performance, ANZ

    Claire is a former head of digital strategy and innovation in the retail division at ANZ. Read more...

  • Cameron Bagrie

    Cameron Bagrie

    Chief Economist, New Zealand ANZ

    Chief Economist, New Zealand ANZ

  • Cherelle Murphy

    Cherelle Murphy

    Co-Head of Australian Economics ANZ

    Co-Head of Australian Economics ANZ

  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    Former Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

    A former chief executive at ANZ, Mike is a banker with a global perspective following an international career across Australia, Asia, South America, the Middle East and United Kingdom. Read more...

  • Pam Rebecca

    Pam Rebecca

    Former General Manager of Digital ANZ

    Pam is a former general manager of digital at ANZ. She writes on social media, workplace gender equality and more. Read more...

  • Phil Chronican

    Phil Chronican

    Former CEO ANZ Australia

    Phil is the former chief executive of ANZ Australia. Read more...